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See How Timesheets Can Boost Your Business

Visibility doesn’t naturally manifest simply because you need it to. Visibility requires a conscientious approach that examines all available data and makes a conclusion. If you want to maximize your business, you need to find ways of making that which was invisible, visible.

This may sound a little abstract. It is. However, it isn’t without your ability to enact. The key lies in statistical examinations of operations—metric analyses, if you will. Today’s technological environment makes such analysis more feasible than perhaps it’s ever been. Following, several tips will be explored to help boost your business through increased visibility as facilitated through varying metrics.

Utilizing Spreadsheets

One of the best places to start is in the realm of digital spreadsheets. Before these were available and manageable online, you’d have to fill them out manually, sometimes figures would get smudged, and the time involved wasn’t a small investment. Oftentimes there would be employees hired strictly for the task.

Now there are still employees who manage spreadsheets, but they’re able to do a lot more at a reduced expense. With Clockspot’s Excel spreadsheets, you can use an existing template or tweak things until you’ve got your own unique one.

Whatever the need, you can find ready-made categorization tools digitally, downloading them with the click of a mouse and making operations more visible than before without spending unnecessarily to do so.

You don’t only have to restrict your timesheets to hours your employees have worked, either. What’s additionally considerable is keeping metrics on aspects of operation which aren’t traditionally noted. How long does it take you to burn through certain necessary resources? How long do machines on your assembly lines last?

Cloud Computing And Big Data

Cloud computing provides a lot of solutions for metrics gathering today.  While solutions like design apps are providing industries with greater ability, additionally the same tech is used to provide more clear pictures of operational egress. Big Data has become possible with the cloud.

If you’re not familiar, Big Data is where the multiple networked servers of a given cloud are put to the purpose of real-time statistical analysis. For example, if you were an international conglomerate running multiple supply chains, you could use Big Data to get a picture of operations in real time, helping you avoid traffic, weather, road construction, and other obstacles, while simultaneously giving you data which allows you to identify the most cost-effective routes.

You can consolidate that data into spreadsheets used for future reference. While real-time data analysis is absolutely fundamental in terms of competitiveness today, at the same time, there are sometimes tactics planned in advance which can yet be more appropriate. There’s a balance here between real-time visibility, and experience-based planning.

Getting Past Deceptive Stats

How things appear in real-time can be just as deceptive as previous paradigms which ignore modern shifts in the market. The key is having information available which allows you to strike a balance between these extremes. Spreadsheets represent one of the best ways to do this.

Excel spreadsheets can also save you time in the organization of data. If you’ve got 1,000 items in a list, instead of adding them together manually as a means of calculating the average, you can just click the function button, get an immediate sum, then divide that by the number of entries on the list. You just saved an hour.

Time consolidation and management is fundamental professionally and personally. One of the primary advantages of modern spreadsheet utility is data which informs such management; but as you can see, it isn’t the only advantage spreadsheets bring.

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