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Selling and Recycling Laptops Online

We get good use out of our technology (mobile devices, laptops, etc.).  Like cars, we eventually want to move on to something better.  But as the saying goes, “one man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.”  But where does this treasure go and where can you sell or find it?

Technology changes as fast as you can say “laptop”.   Upgrades and advances are constantly evolving the way we communicate and compute information.

Unrecycled Technology Waste

Only 10 percent of the 140.3 million cell phones retired in 2007 were recycled.  Without recycling, we are needlessly filling our planet with unwanted, used electronic waste.  About 304 million electronics were disposed of from US households in 2005.  Two-thirds of them still worked.  Some companies that are dedicated to reducing landfills by recycling/selling your unwanted gadgets.

Recycle your Tech

Recycling can help eliminate waste and improve our planet.

Recycle, Sell, and be green – We overlook the consequences of not recycling, but they are huge, in fact a lot of facts state that when we don’t recycle we are harming the earth!

Many of our devices will get broken or damaged, or we will simply get bored of them or move on.  And when that happens, what will you do with your laptop or broken device once you are done with it?  Many of us may choose to hold, if broken attempt to fix or repair it; however some of us may not have time and may just let it sit around in a desk drawer, or maybe even throw it away.  Many US households throw away their unwanted technology instead of recycling or selling.

Recycling one million cell phones allows 35,274 pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium to be recovered.

Some Ways to Recycle

There are many options for recycling your used or broken equipment.  Here are some.

Resell your equipment.

You can easily try to resell your damaged equipment or unwanted equipment on online auctions or buy back programs.   You can either sell your laptop or buy the best laptop under $200 on an online auction site or reseller.  You can get rid of your unused tech and sell laptops online by finding a reputable reseller or trading program like sellbroke.com or selllaptopback.com that will pay you up front for your used technology or laptop.  They’ll take care of the rest.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop, be sure to also check out Galido.net’s tech deals section featuring best laptop under $200best laptop under $300 and much more.

Contact a reputable e-waste recycler or wait for an e-waste round up in your community.

Don’t put your old electronic products or batteries in the trash. These can be toxic don’t belong in our landfill.  Recyclers can make money from selling scavenged metal from electronic equipment and will be happy to take your used equipment.  They can also refurbish them or resell parts.  This can help preserve landfills and give new life to that old device.

Donate your equipment.

You can donate your equipment to a reputable reuse organization like Goodwill and get a tax credit and feel good for donating to a good cause.


Lastly, don’t forget to erase your important or sensitive data!  If your data is sensitive, make sure to use a wipe program or even drill holes in your hard drives if you don’t want your data to be recovered and seen by the next owner.

Thank you for doing your part to save our environment for generations to come.

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