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SEO Agency Tips for Building a Better Marketing Strategy

Being a search engine optimization (SEO) agency isn’t the easiest thing in the world. After all, your goal is to help clients gain maximum traction with SEO. This implies that your branding in itself should show a certain degree of SEO “expertise,” and one of the ways you could do this is to blow your clients away with a marketing strategy that can propel you to a position of authority in the digital marketing niche.

However, given the many players involved in the industry, how exactly do you reach the top and stay there? What existing marketing strategy tips could you take advantage of?

It might help to learn more about search engines and why they’re important before getting into the helpful SEO strategies. SEO is important because search engines have become the best avenues for people to get the information they need. For instance, in 2017, Google acquired 79% of desktop search traffic globally, with the remaining percentage being divided by Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing. As such, it also falls on the hands of these search engines to ensure that the information they give consumers such as yourself remains relevant and integral to a market’s particular interests. It falls on you as a business to convince these search engines that rely on you for such relevant information is a good idea, and thus SEO was born.

Marketing Strategy: How It Can Work for Your SEO Agency

Just because you’re an SEO agency doesn’t mean you can forego creating a good marketing strategy for your brand. Remember, the mark of a good digital marketing agency is to be able to exhibit the best marketing practices through strategies that actually work for your clients in establishing their position in their niche. Here’s how you can do this:

Don’t be afraid of the competition – get to know them

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” is a popular motto for a reason. You don’t have to treat your competition as enemies you have to eradicate. What you can do is get to know them well enough so you can create a brand in the same niche but in a unique way that people can distinguish you. Before you perform your own internal assessments of your campaign, make sure you get to know the big fish of the industry. Part of this is knowing exactly what your peers are doing, what makes their plans successful, and what makes their plans fall apart.

Assess your current performance with analytics

Assess your performance across all your campaigns. You can do this by relying on analytics and other marketing tools to generate reports that you can look into. This allows you to know which campaigns you’re successful in, which campaigns you’re failing, and how exactly you can improve your efforts across these campaigns. This also allows you to see if there are things to modify or quit entirely.

Check your objectives and your current resources to identify needs

With the above in mind, make sure you start formulating not just your objectives but also what you need in order to achieve them. What do you want to do with your marketing? Do you want more conversions? Do you want more engagements? Do you want more sales? All of these go hand in hand, yes, but zeroing in on a specific need and finding ways to meet them can greatly make sure your pursuits are practical, realistic, and successful.

Implement methods and use platforms to pursue your goals

With these goals in mind, you need to think about how you can meet them using your current resources. What marketing platforms do you want to use to pursue these goals? If you want engagements, do you want to do them through your social media? Do you want to do them with content offerings? If you want sales, do you want to push for advertisements or for landing pages? Understanding the specific areas of interest and the right tools for your marketing can be great ways to achieve success.

Build upon your brand’s voice and impressions

Aside from your goals, you need to make sure you think of ways to create campaigns that will help your brand shine. Are your objectives achievable given your current branding? If not, what sort of adjustments do you have to make? How will your branding be emphasized as you pursue these goals? You need to identify these things as they remain essential to your overall needs in the long run. How will a content marketing campaign be built to gain followers?

Make sure there is room for evaluation, reports, innovation

One of the most important things people tend to forget when it comes to building marketing strategies is to make sure there is room for reports, evaluation, and innovation. Don’t forget to build a system that will allow team members to report on the progress of both your campaigns and their different assignments. Conduct meetings weekly, monthly, or by milestone. The point is to evaluate just where you’re at every now and then and find ways to improve or adjust your systems to suit your needs better.

The Bottom Line: Marketing Strategy Tips for Your SEO Agency

Being an SEO agency have its perks, especially when you know you’re supposed to work in a huge market with a lot of competition eyeing for the same attention. Just how are you going to optimize your marketing strategy to meet the demands of your target audience? Interestingly, with the tips above, you’ll likely be able to build a better marketing strategy capable of improving your brand exposure and propel your brand to a more powerful position in your niche. Remember to pay attention to proper planning, execution, and evaluation to ensure constant development.

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