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SEO Techniques That Work in 2023, 2024

With ever-evolving technology, a lot of people are adopting new ways of marketing their products and brands using various platforms. One of the most used platforms is the use of SEO marketing.

Well, one thing to note though is that SEO has been updated and if you are not careful your site may be termed as dormant and fail to get any ranking on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And therefore you need to be on the top of the game and ensure that you adopt the best techniques to update your SEO page to keep it on top and operational as well.

Five SEO techniques that work in 2023, 2024.

Upgrade page engagement to improve your ranking.

Everyone using SEO marketing wants to get high ranks whereby their page is among the top-visited pages by the users. Therefore to achieve this, you need to come up with good, engaging content that will drive traffic to your site. If the search engine finds that your page has a high number of readers, then this will lead to your page getting top rank. Apart from creating good content, ensure that your keywords are well written and straight to the point such that the users will not take too long to figure out if the page has what they need, also make your content short and precise. For example, create a page that has around 600 words, but ensure that it is informative and educative to your readers.

Make your content longer and relevant.

When I talk about making your content longer, I don’t mean writing an article of 4000 words from scratch. First of all, this is time-consuming, and then again you are not guaranteed how the audience will receive it. So instead of wasting your time writing those long articles from the start, find one of your previous content that received a mass view from your customers and rewrites it. All you require is to add more informative content on what already exists and believe me this will drive more traffic since your fans would like to learn more about the topic they had read before.

Invest in Youtube videos.

Visual content is more clear and understandable as compared to reading the words. This is because the clients get the actual steps to follow, or rather they get to see the expected results after using that particular service or products. So create videos to attract more people to your page and your products. This is mostly suitable for digital marketing company and people who sell products such as beauty creams among others. Ensure your video is long enough and informative to your targeted customers as well.  Not only are videos effective for promotion, you can also optimize your videos with keywords for search optimization.

Increase your page performance.

It is important to be watchful of how long your page loads especially when the users are using mobiles to search and upload. There are various tools provided by Google search engines such as page speed tools or think with Google designed to help in speeding up the page performance. Adopt these tools to ensure that your page is user-friendly and your customers will not have a hard time viewing your page. These tools are essential for people who sell their products or web sites.  Make your pages effective with videos and quality content to retain real traffic and longer visits to your site.

Invest in backlinks.

Invest in backlinks, but invest in relevant, quality ones, from relevant quality sites.  Don’t try to manipulate this with bots, but rather, manual links from guest blogs,  directories, review sites, etc.  This is another technique that can profoundly help improve your ranking. Backlinks help increase the visibility of your page and in the case where you work in close collaboration with other marketers such as bloggers, rest assured you will be among the top searches on Google.

Any others? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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