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Six Tricks To Get Your Blog SEO Ready

Every piece of online writing nowadays is about getting seen. Seen by friends and family, yes, but more often than not seen by your customers. If you’re looking to get your writing picked up and noticed by your client base then you need to harness the power of Search Engine Optimised (SEO) writing techniques.

Put simply, SEO writing quite literally grabs your reader’s attention by higher up placing in search engines and by search engines of course we mean Google. When was the last time you scrolled down your search results to the second or even third page? Exactly.

To get your blog or web content noticed you need to start by thinking about what terms people use to search for your product or service. For example if you’re a freelance writer, you’ll have a list that’s likely to include “blog writer”, “copywriter” and so on. These are your keywords. Here we look at six tips and tricks to make sure you’re hitting the right spot in terms of getting your blog out there.

Don’t Guess, Research

You might think you’ve got your keywords all set out and ready to go, but how much research have you really put in, in generating that list? Guess work won’t cut it. You need to spend some time experimenting on Google and getting this list absolutely perfect. Using incorrect words will take up space in your blog and look clunky in the text.

Get Your SEO Writing On Point

It’s easy to get carried away in the flow of your writing but miss out the basics, such as great grammar and getting your copy just right. Don’t despair, just use these extremely helpful online tools to help guide you through the copywriting process and produce work that is guaranteed to get you noticed.

  • Stateofwriting and Viawriting: two extremely useful SEO copywriting guides to help you tick off everything on your blog check list.
  • Ukwritings: an online tool that will help you to generate keywords and meta tags
  • Academ advisor: your go-to site for checking your grammar and seeing the latest writing tips.
  • Revieweal and Essay Roo: two powerful online editing and proofreading tools.
  • Mywritingway a very useful formatting guide to get your copy just right.
  • Academized: to write catchy subheadings and titles

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Think Long

You might be the kind of writer that goes for short and sweet when it comes to blog writing but research shows that the longer your blog the more credibility Google awards it, so writing long, well thought blogs will trump short pieces any day.

It also gives you the opportunity to use your keywords more than once but make sure they form a natural part of your copy otherwise they will stand out and look out of place.

Choose A Great Title

As well as attracting readership, a well-chosen blog title will also allow you to make full use of your primary key word. Use it in your headline and help your readers and Google identify who you are and what you are all about.

SEO manager at Study demic Ruth Kineer, said: “As with the body of your post, make sure your keyword use in the headline is entirely natural so as not to confuse and annoy readers. It might be tempting to keep shoehorning in keywords but don’t, instead exercise restraint.”

Don’t Forget Your Images

More than just pretty pictures on a page your images go further than just illustrating your post. They can be used to harness more keywords using the alt text function. This essentially allows you to label your picture behind the image, so that search engines associate them with your page and subject.

And Finally

Consider quality links. If you’re referencing material you’ve read on another blogger’s page, make sure you link back to them, they may do the same for you. Quality links tell Google that you are a quality site and worth ranking higher in a search.

Whether you blog for fun or corporately, the rules for getting higher rankings remain the same. Make sure that you’re incorporating all these tips and tricks for greater blogging success.

Author’s Bio: Freddie Tubbs is a marketing strategist at Australian reviewer. He regularly takes part in tech conferences and webinars, and works as a part-time blog editor at Oxessays and Bigassignments blogs.

Originally posted 2018-11-24 17:45:29. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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