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Smart Home Gadgets for 2023, 2024

The term “smart home” is used to describe a house, apartment, or room, which contains a communication network that connects different devices and allows them to be controlled, monitored, and accessed remotely through smartphones, voice aids, and others. Smart devices connect to the Internet, which allows them to be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi.

Because of the advantages it offers, businesses, and trends of a smart home are booming. However, if the house where you live is rented, you may think that you are excluded from enjoying these benefits, but that is not the case. If that is your case, do not worry, you can make your rental space a smart home with magnificent gadgets.

Converting your home into Smart Home can be easy and make your life easier. Here we leave you with the best gadgets so you can start making your home more and more intelligent.

Smart Plug

A smart plug is a device with which we can remotely control any device in our house. The easiest way to make your home smart is to use the so-called “smart plug”, which allows you to control small appliances without having to be physically present in a room.

It is very convenient because we can turn them on or off remotely and save time, it helps us to save electricity.

Many of them have an application that you install on your phone so you can control devices with your smartphone. Smart plugs with Wi-Fi are capable of being totally controlled remotely from our smartphone; they are a tech gadget that can really improve our lives and save us money and time.

Smart electric sockets are a must-buy: easy to configure and use, incredibly useful for smart light bulbs and appliances, very cheap, you only need a smartphone.  They can be combined with Google Home or Alexa and can be automated and activated by voice commands.

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Smart Sprinkler System

One of the best things about technology is to help us have a better quality of life and also help us save money by controlling things like electricity and water.

Experts say that common irrigation systems have managed to alleviate the work of many people, however, waste an unnecessary amount of water. With a smart sprinkler system, you can forget about taking care of your garden.

Smart sprinkler system comes with sensors that check the type of ground it is on, its curvature, temperature, and other options such as weather forecast and alerts to the user about any situation that requires their attention.

It also allows you to adjust the amount of water and accuracy of irrigation, suspend its operation when it rains, and has access from the mobile phone in order to control the entire situation from the device thanks to a set of applications.

A smart sprinkler system is aimed at parks, corporate campuses, and residential gardens.

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Smart Security System

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life; keeping it safe and secure is one of the main priorities of many owners. Thanks to advances in Smart Home technology and home security products, you can now control security and comfort in your home and/or business from your mobile phone.

Progress in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) is making it easier than ever to set up a house intelligently in which door locks, lights, thermostats, vacuum cleaners, and even door locks can be controlled remotely, all through smartphone and an application.

It has also made it more and more implementable that it is simple (and relatively affordable) to monitor a house from almost anywhere. Smart security systems are highly customizable and are available as DIY kits or as complete configurations that include professional installation and monitoring.

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a system that you can supervise yourself, or pay a subscription fee so that your house is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by professionals who will get in touch with the fire department and the local police where you live when the alarms are activated.

You can even take advantage of on-demand monitoring services when you’re on vacation. Of course, the more coverage you have, the higher the cost of the service.

If you are not ready to put a dedicated security system, there are many individual devices available that will allow you to monitor your home from anywhere using your mobile or a tablet, including indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion sensors and smart locks.

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Smart Door Lock

It has happened to all of us at some point that we have lost our house keys or find it difficult to find them when we try to enter our home. For these reasons, having an intelligent smart door lock can be a good idea.

Smart locks are characterized by offering greater or equal security than conventional locks. They are locks that can be opened through a mobile device or remote control.

The purpose of this type of lock is to open the door of our house without having to have a key. Leave behind the worry of losing the keys or forgetting them at home.

A smart door lock not only works with a mobile device, today there are different ways to convert a traditional lock into an intelligent lock.

Locks with a keyboard: these were the first electronic locks that went on the market. You just have to configure a code and enter it every time you want to open the door.

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Locks with touch screen: these are locks very similar to the previous ones. Its only difference is that its keyboard is tactile.

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Radiofrequency locks (RFID): they allow opening the door with a card or a key ring.

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Fingerprint locks: the door is opened with the fingerprint of the authorized person. This system must be configured with the computer.

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Bluetooth locks: work with the BlueTooth connection of the phone, as soon as the mobile phone approaches the lock, the door opens. It also includes an additional system in case of losing your phone or being without a battery.

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Smart locks make it comfortable and easy to open doors; you only need to have the application on your mobile to open doors. Anyone can make use of this lock. Children, young people, and seniors can use the smart door lock as long as they have the application on their mobile or with the opening code.

They can be installed easily. Simply by reading the manufacturer’s instructions you can install the smart lock.

In case of forgetting to close the door of the house, the system closes the door automatically as soon as it detects that the person has moved away from the lock.

You can configure temporary codes for guests.

Smart Light Switch

If you want to control your lights comfortably at home with your smartphone and do without the use of intelligent bulbs, the smart light switch is the perfect alternative.

The smart light switch is one of the ways to make your lighting smarter. It is like a normal switch that goes on your wall to control lighting, a fan, or a socket.

You get the ability to control the smart light switch with your smartphone through an app.

With smart lighting, you can easily program lights to turn on just as you arrive home, automatically dim the lights when it’s time to get ready for bed. Smart light switches are cheaper than smart bulbs and need to be wired up to a neutral wire.

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Smart Doorbell (Ring)

Smart Doorbell is a bell that has a built-in camera, with which you can see your doorstep from your cell phone to know who knocks on the door. It is, no doubt, a useful tool for those interested in security and especially for those who do not want to open up unwanted visitors.

The Ring is a smart doorbell that adds security and convenience features to any home. The Ring connects to your Wi-Fi wireless network and is operated using an app on your smartphone.


Ring connects to your mobile phone or computer so that, even if you are miles away, you can see and interact with the person knocking at the door.

It is a doorbell with a video that allows you to record movements within a perimeter around the house to have control of what happens there from the device. The user receives, through an application, an instant alert on his phone when someone rings the bell or when the sensor detects some movement.

The sensors cover a field of vision of 10 meters of range with an angle of 180 degrees; however, this can be adjusted to select certain areas of interest.

Ring is water-resistant, and does not have maintenance service or requires a monthly subscription.

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Smart Thermostat – Nest

That nice feeling of coming home and finding it very warm.

Depending on where we live and how cold it is, the electricity bill can become expensive due to heating. But there is an option to cut back on this expense without cutting back on profits, really: smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats are small devices that are connected to the heating and that are capable of self-regulating the temperature of the house to optimize the electrical consumption. That is, they replace our traditional thermostat by adding “smart” functions, such as the ability to control everything from the smartphone anywhere.

When we think of a smart thermostat, Nest is undoubtedly the thermostat par excellence.

The Nest smart thermostat keeps your home at the ideal temperature all day long. It is a product of a company founded by two former Apple workers, Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. In 2014 Google bought the company.

It is clear; Google sees home automation as something to which we will give great importance within a few years.

It presumes to be present in millions of homes and to have saved billions of kWh throughout the world. We can use it, even from the mobile phone, so we can schedule our arrival so that the house is at the temperature we are looking for when we arrive.

Nest smart thermostat also learns from our habits, being able to know even when we leave home, and reducing electricity consumption in that period of time.

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Alexa Smart Home

Alexa is the voice-controlled virtual assistant created by Amazon, and launched in November 2014 along with its line of Echo smart loudspeakers.

Known as Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence quickly gained popularity in many households.

Alexa is the name of the intelligent home assistant based on voice and developed by Amazon. Alexa is used in Amazon Echo products, including Amazon Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, and Echo Spot.

When you buy any of these devices, the user must download the Alexa application on his mobile phone to complete the configuration.

Alexa has a female voice. In addition, Alexa not only responds when required, but the user can also “talk to her” using normal phrases.

Obviously, to use it you need to connect it to your home WiFi network.

By default, Amazon’s Echo devices use “Alexa” as the alert word. While the device is constantly listening, it only begins to track and analyze what the user says after hearing the word “Alexa”.

After this, it offers the most relevant results; however, if someone at home has the name of Alexa, the user can change the alert word to something like Amazon, Echo, etc.

From this point the user can ask questions to this artificial intelligence assistant, he can even ask Alexa to play music, ask about the weather.

The assistant can also be used to buy products on Amazon or to control other devices in a smart home.

Not only that, but there are also multiple applications and services that work with Alexa, so the user can do basically anything, from ordering a Domino pizza or asking for the latest news in the Washington Post.

Amazon has in fact named each of these different capabilities as “skills” and one of the most recent is the ability to function as an intercom system in the home.

Not only that, but there are also multiple applications and services that work with Alexa, so the user can do basically anything, from ordering a Domino pizza or asking for the latest news in the Washington Post.

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Google Smart Home

The Google Home is a voice assistant that helps you control your house, organize, and obtain information. It is a device that prevents you from having to take the phone to do things like put music, the radio, and look for basic information or control household appliances such as light. And best of all, Google Home understands you quite well, even if you whisper.

It is a device designed for the whole family; therefore, its configuration is very simple.

Once connected to a power source and to the WiFi network of our house, it will be ready to be used. In order to start giving orders to do something, we must first say “Ok, Google” followed by what we want to do. In this way, the assistant will know that you are addressing him.

Google has tried to create an intelligent home to make our lives easier. Apart from controlling the music, the alarm clock, or helping us with the shopping list, it is also able to control the lights, and doors, as long as they work automatically and not manually.

In addition, it is expected that in the future it may be able to perform actions such as ordering food, sending flowers to someone, booking a restaurant, etc., and all this only with our voice.

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