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Smart Ways To Putting Surveillance Cameras

Security cameras could help to offer surveillance and also discourage home break-ins. If you would like to keep your property safe, this is one of the things you should get for your home. The biggest challenge comes in installation because how you position the cameras could affect results.

Effectiveness can be affected by how you install the camera, so you should apply creative ideas while installing security cameras. Optimal security camera placement will enhance accuracy and offer clarity, and it could help you to identify thieves and criminals more precisely.

Here are some smart ways to install your surveillance cameras.

Close-up views on the ground floor

The most vulnerable area of your residence is the ground floor as this is the point of entry intruders will use. This gives you a perfect opportunity to capture their faces as they approach other areas of the house. Around the ground floor, you should make sure to install enough cameras at each entry point. Distant view and detail are important points to emphasize while installing the cameras because this allows you to know whoever is at the door. In fact, you should double cover the front door because this is the most likely point of entry intruders will use.

Position the cameras looking down at an angle that guarantees you to see the faces.

Place cameras near off-street windows

Burglars mostly break in through the rear window, mainly because they want to escape the view of the street. This decreases chances of them getting caught. Install some cameras facing off-street windows so when the burglars use this route you are able to capture their faces and movement. Having the best hidden surveillance camera will not only give you enough information about the burglars, it could also alert them they are being monitored and so they may choose to halt their operation.

Install surveillance cameras at the back door

Another area that is preferred by burglars is the back door, and this is for the same reason as off-street windows. Many thieves will believe that the backdoor is the least monitored area, so they will use this as an entry point into your house. Placing a camera here could help to catch them unawares. Just make sure the camera is high up so no one can reach and vandalize it.

Give cameras room and focus

While installing cameras for areas like the backdoor or the front door, you should mind about focus and room. Check the placement to ensure the camera is able to capture 75 to 180 degrees without getting obstructed.

If you have a camera that rotates, confirm with the manufacturer to know the maximum view it can achieve unobstructed.

Installing surveillance cameras in your home is a security measure that will give you information about burglars and their movement in your home. While installing cameras, you need to identify the best points to place your cameras for maximum functionality.

Check that the camera is unobstructed by working on the angle of placement. Also install the cameras at points where they cannot be vandalized easily.

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