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Monday , 26 June 2017
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How sms monitoring technology can secure your business?

Monitoring technology has become an integral part of a business. Given the positivity it brings through surveillance, companies are opting for
monitoring tools and techniques to ensure better employee management.

The basic need of an organization is to safeguard its workplace and protect its assets. Entrepreneurs are increasingly concerned about issues including employee misconduct, data security, lower productivity, wastage of valuable time, etc. Along with the costs of litigation, business owners need to look for appropriate ways to cut back these risks.

SMS monitoring app has brought the power back to the bosses, allowing them to avail benefits of maximizing employee potential along with ensuring maximum business productivity. Now the companies must also balance their business interests with the expectations of privacy of their employees.

Texting, business communication and surveillance

There is no definitive rule for a successful business but to ensure that your business continues to survive in the contemporary turbulent times, effective monitoring is required. Workforce can either mar or positively contribute towards a business growth. Therefore, tracking employee activities is important to ensure proper use of business resources.

Business monitoring has evolved with time and sms monitoring is a new implementation. So instead of evaluating employee performance through appraisal forms, you can instantly monitor their productivity using this modern technology. It not only allows you to monitor their productivity but also track attendance, collect proof of data theft, etc.

According to Pew Internet, more than 80 percent of the adults in America use texting and it is one of the most common cellphone activities. Since texting has changed the communication landscape of businesses, it cannot be ignored at offices. Many firms provide cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc. to their workers strictly for business use but some workers can abuse this privilege by using it for excessive personal tasks. Email or phone call is too much hassle while texting is affordable and flexible. Also, it is much more private as it takes place between two people. Most of the times, emails and phone calls are easier to hack but we’ve hardly heard of situations where text messages are being hacked.

Offering emoticons and other shortcuts, text messages add speed to communication. However, it is also a great way to waste time. When bored at work, employees are prone to needless conversations through text messages. They chat with their family and friends while sitting on their seat, thus lowering work productivity. An sms monitoring app such as xnspy can help the employers tackle this mismanagement. The app needs to be installed in all the cellphones of the employees so that the bosses can remotely monitor the text correspondence of their staff.

Functions of sms monitoring app at workplace

Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, all entrepreneurs are concerned with what their employees do when they are not around. Here is a sordid scenario. Your business rival offers lucrative benefits to your employees in exchange of some confidential company information. This exchange takes place over text messages to ensure privacy. Your company will suffer hefty monetary losses.

Those against employee monitoring will say you’re an overzealous boss. Nothing must hold you back as the improvement in the global positioning systems can provide further opportunities for employee tracking. Using a monitoring software like xnspy can provide you a clear cut picture of your workplace and how tasks are being managed by the employees.

Instead of snooping into an employee’s phone, which is an impossible task, you can remotely monitor their messages via a web-based control panel that transfers all the message data to the user device. Here you can view the live feed of the recent updates made by the employees.

Apart from the message content, employers can view other message details including name of message sender/receiver, their contact number, and date and time stamp. If you’re using a monitoring software like xnspy, you can get some add-ons such as geo-tags. This is basically an icon which determines the exact location of a message sender/receiver when a particular message was sent/received.

Furthermore, in order to determine any unauthorized activity taking place, you can watch-list specific words in the settings of the control panel. If those words are used in message conversation between your targeted employee and his contacts, you will receive instant alerts on your device. Should the need arise, you can easily retrieve the deleted text messages or older messages for future reference.

Whether you’re using xnspy.com or any other monitoring software, it should be effective within and outside the office premises, so that you can view the sms correspondence of your employees at any time. A powerful monitoring software will offer real-time monitoring and reporting, working undetectably.

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