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Social Media Ads: What Is The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media channels today, and is also one of the primary means of communication, especially of millennials.

It is an online platform that allows you to post updates that should only contain up to 280 characters (originally 140 characters). In your tweet, you can also include links to relevant websites and articles. You can also share the tweets of others on your own profile with your own comment attached to it by choosing the option “retweet with comment”.

A Twitter homepage consists of a timeline, where you can see all the tweets of every single account you follow. Twitter users consist of people, companies, organizations, and even pets, among many others. The variety of entities you can follow and interact with is endless. You can also be followed by other people, and, when they do, they can see all your tweets in their own timelines, as well.

Another popular thing from Twitter is the use of hashtags. The hashtag symbol (#) is placed before a keyword or phrase (without spaces). When you click on the hashtag, you can see everyone who uses it on their own tweets. You can include a hashtag anywhere in your tweet; there are no hard and fast rules regarding this.

Benefits Of Twitter As An Advertising Tool

What are the benefits you can get once you choose to showcase your company or products and services through this platform?

It Has A Massive Reach

Being present on Twitter is a great marketing strategy that you should never ignore. It has a smaller user pool as opposed to Facebook, but it generates higher engagement rates. This is especially helpful for startups.

Here are some statistics that you need to know regarding Twitter and its reach:

  • Twitter, on average, reaches 330 million monthly users.
  • Twitter does not just relate to the younger generation, but even to the older crowd as well. Six of every 10 Twitter users belong to the age bracket of 35-65 years old.
  • Twitter as a news outlet is on the rise. Almost a quarter of the verified users on Twitter are journalists.
  • Bite-sized news is easier to consume. Therefore, people look to Twitter for fast and reliable news.

Instant Engagement

Interaction on Twitter is easy and fast. With just a simple reply to someone’s tweet, you can easily start a conversation.  Everything here also happens in real-time. Furthermore, posting news is quick and completely hassle-free–with just a simple tweet, you can let the world know that, say, a fire incident is happening in this specific location.

You Only Pay Depending On How Your Ad Works

The cost of advertising on Twitter depends on how people take action on your ads. For example, if you are running a campaign to get people to install your app, you will only pay for all the times that people actually click on the ad. Another example is that if you run the promoted accounts advertisement, you will only pay for the number of people who actually hit the “follow” button from the promotion.

The Cost Of Advertising On Twitter

There are three types of advertising on Twitter that you can choose from, and these are the following:

Promoted Tweets

A promoted tweet is a tweet that you post on your account, and which will show up on the feeds of other users who are searching for something relevant to your post. With this type of promotion, you can either target existing followers to encourage them to pursue action on what you are offering. Or, you can also choose specific users based on geography, interests, gender, and other criteria. Promoted tweets are also known as the follower’s campaign.

If Twitter deems it interesting or relevant to the users, the promoted will appear on these people’s timelines.

Promoted tweets have a label underneath them that says, “Promoted.”

The average cost of this type of tweet is $1.35 per engagement.

Here are some of the benefits of using promoted tweets:

  • It widens your reach.
  • It heightens the probability that an influencer would be able to see your tweet and promote it themselves
  • Instantly promotes awareness of new products or services, that’s why it is best used for marketing campaigns.

Promoted Accounts

While promoted tweets get users to engage with your posts, the goal of promoted accounts is to increase your followers. By targeting specific audiences who are interested in the niche to which you belong, Twitter will suggest your account to them in their timelines, search results, and on the suggestions on who to follow.

Same with promoted tweets promoted accounts also have a label underneath them that says, “Promoted.”

Every time that you have a new confirmed follower, who came from clicking on your promoted account, you will be charged an average of $2.50 – $4.00.

Here are some of the benefits of using promoted tweets:

  • It increases your “social proof”.
  • Gets you more followers who want to know about what you have to offer.

Promoted Trends

Trends are popular topics that are customized to each account, which could be based on their current location and the hashtags that are generally used within their network.

With promoted trends, you pay for the spot on the trending list of users who are searching for topics relevant to what you are offering.

Promoted trends, usually used by larger businesses, cost at least $200,000 per day. Placing an ad on the trending spot list guarantees a decent exposure. Well curated content is important in this area.

Here are some of the benefits of using promoted tweets:

  • It sparks conversations about your brand.
  • It has a long-term impact.
  • It has a high return of investment.


Twitter advertising is a good investment. Why not?  Twitter is a platform that has a massive reach and a high engagement rate with users. The cost of advertising on this social media channel will depend on what type of promotion you want to run. There are three ways through which you can advertise on Twitter, namely promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. By taking advantage of any of these, you’re guaranteed more customers and higher revenues.

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