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Social Media Marketing Tips To Gain Competitive Edge

Did you know that more than half the population of the world uses social media? According to a study by Kepios, it is estimated that there were around 4.74 billion social media users across the world in October 2022 and this figure is only slated to increase in the future. Why is this information important?

Because as a digital marketer you need to harness the power of social media to advertise products and get maximum benefits. At the same time, you need to understand that almost every brand or business, big and small is vying for attention on various social media platforms and focusing their attention on gaining followers and subscribers.

Marketing on social media and creating a brand identity may seem like a daunting task for both new and old businesses. Here are some social media marketing tips that will help you to gain a competitive edge.

Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Establishing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

This is the first step to social media marketing for your goods and services. The main aim of your social media marketing is to gain customer engagement. Therefore, you need to first understand the various social media platforms and identify the one that will give you the best returns. In addition, you need to identify the audience that will best respond to your pitch. For example, TikTok and Instagram have a subscriber base that comprises more of the young population. Thus, if you want to create brand awareness for your product or service with a younger generation, you might want to devise a social media marketing plan that places more emphasis on these platforms. In short, your social media marketing strategy must be comprehensive and inclusive as well as target platforms that are more suited to your needs. Again, you might also want to refrain from wrong ideas about social media marketing just the same.

Social Media Marketing Tip #2: Creating Unique Content

Social media users are constantly fed content from brands in a bid to lure them into buying their products. It is therefore imperative that your content stands out from the rest. Of course the kind of content you need to develop will depend on the social media platform as much as it will depend on your brand. The emphasis will however remain on making your content interesting and to grab the attention of your audience. Content creation tips:

  • Video content has been established to have better audience engagement as compared to text. Thus, create more content that is visual as your audience may not read through lines of text.
  • You need to create content around topics that are newsworthy and interesting.
  • Consider hopping on to the current trends to catch the wave and get more views.
  • Instead of making a direct sales pitch with your content, try storytelling which also goes a long way in establishing your brand image.
  • Finally, ensure that your content remains aligned with the voice of your brand.

Social Media Marketing Tip #3: Be Consistent

Social media marketing is about staying alert and offering your target audience what they want. You need to remain consistent in posting on social media platforms. This can be achieved by creating a calendar that allows you to plan for content that you need to post over a period of time, such as a year. It is not necessary that you post on all social media platforms regularly and often it may not be possible as well. You may prioritize which social media platforms are more important for your brand and develop content for them on a regular basis. Use short catchy hashtags and remain consistent with your brand image and identity at all times.

Social Media Marketing Tip #4: Engage With Your Audience

Social media allows you to interact directly with your audience. Therefore, it is important that you follow up on the comments or likes that you receive. Engage your audience into a conversation and try to create a connection with your followers or subscribers. This will help to make your brand image stronger and help you to woo your target audience. Here are a few ways you can engage with your audience:

  • Reply to comments and always remember to ‘like’ them. Your tonality must remain positive and courteous even if the comments from users are not.
  • Live streaming is a popular method that allows your audience to interact with you in real-time. Use live streaming videos to showcase your work or your products.
  • Create polls or post quizzes to keep your audience interested in your channel or social media handle.
  • One of the best ways to start interactions with your audience is by posting content that starts conversations.

Social Media Marketing Tip #5: Analyze Metrics

One of the best features of social media is the metrics that every platform provides. These metrics show clearly how well your posts and channel as a whole is performing. Most of the metrics reveal the subscribers or followers you gained, the number of views your posts are receiving and how much time users generally spend on your channel. You need to analyze the metrics to ascertain how your channel is performing. In the case that the outcome is not as favorable as you had projected, you can revisit your social media marketing strategy and make certain changes to improve.


Social media has become an extremely important channel for digital marketing. It is a must for your brand as it helps you reach a global audience. Social media has brought brands and customers closer and therefore, you need to capitalize on social media if you want to stay profitable.

You need to create a solid and targeted social media strategy to reap in the benefits for your business. Using new and interesting methods to interact with your audience will help in creating brand awareness and increasing your reach. You can always check if you are on the right track with your social media marketing strategy by analyzing the metrics provided by social media platforms as well as by using software tools designed for the purpose.

Social media is constantly changing. Today we have a wide range of platforms that that you can choose from to target your advertising campaigns on. The social media marketing tips can help you to gain the extra leverage you need to find success with your brand.

Author Bio: Sachin Agrawal is an Enterprise Architect and heads up Business & Technology at Tarika Technologies. He carries expertise and a flair for writing on Management Consulting, Software & Analytics and Digital Media. Apart from distilling his technical ideas into creating innovative solutions, he is a practitioner of Haidong Gumdo and at his leisure, taps the Cajon and strums his Guitar!

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