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Some Quick Facts about Type C USB you should know

It would not be an exaggeration to call this era as the era of digitalization. We are surrounded by many kinds of digital devices as well as gadgets. Each gadget comes with some specific accessories.

Some devices cannot even be operated without these accessories. Not only accessories but devices also need the support of various kinds of cables as well as cords. For example, what shall you do when it comes to transferring Smartphone data to your computer?

Well, most of the people would connect the phone to the computer through USB drive cable. The USB drive of our computer is an important thing.

Over the years, people must have noted that USB has undergone various changes. We have noticed the version change of USB. At the initial stages, we used to see USB 1.0. Gradually, we had come across USB 1.1.

Finally, we have found USB 2.0 which is even replaced by USB 3.0 version. Slowly, USB 3.1 will replace the existing and extensively used USB 3.0. Basically, MacBook Pro is the device that had introduced the USB 3.1 which is also known as USB type C.

There are some advantageous features of this new USB version. Nevertheless, it also comes with some unique options.

A complete guide on it can be found in the following section.

Better Speed Is Assured

This new version of USB will provide better speed assurance to the users. With older USB version, copying files to an external drive was a pain. With USB 3.0, the pain remained intact. But, it is expected to change drastically with the new USB type C. While the older version used to give speed at 5 Gbps, the newer version comes with speed at 10 Gbps.

There could be compatibility issues with this new USB version with many existing computer users. However, they can still get the advantages of this new USB version with type C hub. Connecting USB drive and computer through the type C hub will fetch you excellent compatibility.

Simple Plug-in Feature

How many users have ever faced upside down problem with USB devices? Well, 9 out of 10 people would acknowledge that they have indeed faced this problem.

Well, with the type C USB devices, you do not have to face this problem anymore. Type C USB can be connected on either side. This hassling free plug-in is surely a notable change for the upcoming USB version.

This change would not be something groundbreaking for the technology industry. It will bear a little more convenience for the users, and that is what intended through this change.

Faster Smartphone and Tablet Charging

Today, we use handheld devices quite extensively. We have many handheld devices in use these days, starting with Smartphone and ending to tablets.

All these devices need to feature faster charging otherwise it would be difficult to stay connected to the devices for the all day long. For effective charging of these devices at higher speed, USB type C can bring the perfect solution.

With the introduction of USB 3.1, it is expected that the devices will be charged at a faster rate.

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