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Speed Up Magneto 2

It is safe to say that technology has been successful in revolutionizing human lives. The kind of things we use today would’ve been impossible to imagine if it were not for technology. But gradually, some of these can become sluggish. That is the time when you might need improvements. One such issue we’re going to talk about is how you can speed up Magneto 2.

Though it may not seem something of much significance to you, it becomes enormous as your store gains popularity.

But before we see how you can manage to speed up magneto 2, you need to know what it is. Some of you might even have heard about it. Those who have no inkling whatsoever allow me to brief you about it.

Born and brought up in California, Magneto made its official appearance in 2008.

It is a platform that caters to the trend of putting your entire business online as a store. From readymade page designs to set up payment methods, it sees over everything for you. Kaushal at TechWhoop says that it is an all-in-one platform, where you can get everything you might need to own an online store.

Getting to the root of the problem | Why do we see the necessity to speed up Magneto 2

Magneto 2 is supposedly an efficient platform, so the ones like it are not known to be slow. They’re popular because they work fluent and lightning quick. But there are certain negligences on our part which may affect its processing speed. And hence we may require to speed up Magneto 2. For instance, there may be too large images, loads of data, no matter relevant or irrelevant.

Also, other things that may cause it to slow down are faulty plugins and extensions. Factors like these can make the speed of your store falter. And thus hinder your benefits. It can reduce your regular traffic and cause you loads of losses. Therefore, to speed up, magneto two becomes utterly significant.

You can do so by altering a couple of things here and there. Let us see how and which.

Techniques to aid you to speed up Magneto 2 | Boosting up Magneto 2 Efficiently

Several factors work behind the curtain to slow down your platform. So we need to pull up our socks and deal with it. Here I am, with some methods that can speed up magneto two and double it up for you.

Advanced Caching

Caching is a technique that programmers have used for increasing the response time. What happens at the back end is that it saves the resources the system uses most frequently.

And when the system needs that resource again, it doesn’t have to go on all the way to fetch it. It can access it from the saved ones. When it needs a resource and hasn’t cached it, it gets the supply. And then it caches it for further use.

Varnish caching is an extended and advanced version of it, which helps to speed up magneto 2. You can turn it on by going to the advanced settings. Do one thing, go to your admin panel, to the store thereon, and then to the configurations.

From the advanced option, switch to the tab of the same name and then the system settings. To speed up magneto 2, now you need to choose the choice relating to caching. There will be one more option here to serve your purpose, the “Caching application.” Alter it to the other one that is Varnish mode of caching.

Alternatively, you can try one more caching technique. The online store will be much faster if it loads all the elements quickly, right? So to do that and to speed up magneto two as well, check out the free platform. It is an open-source resource that goes by the name Memcached.

The JS and CSS files

The front end of your online store is what it is because of the presence of two types of data. The CSS files and the Javascript ones. They manage the aesthetics of your store. Which image will go where, what event should the button call, which links leads where?

There may be thousands of these files. You can speed up magneto two by managing these and doing it well. Minifying JS and Merging CSS and JS are two steps that you should take care of.

You can achieve both of these in the configuration portion. Then off to JS settings under developer option. Affirm both of the options in there.

Avoid the use of bundling JavaScript

A lot of people, to speed up Magneto 2, tend to bundle up or club several javascript files. The boost takes place because the lesser the number of records less will be the Http requests number.

But instead of speeding up, it slows things even more. Why is that? Because folks, loading of those huge bundled up files takes a lot of time. So what they gain there, they lose here.

If you want to take my advice, avoid using it.

Reconsider your hosting package

Getting a cheap plan for something like Magneto 2 is like having a 2g internet connection for an iPhone. Jokes apart, what is the fun of owing as robust a platform with insufficient hosting. That only brings it down. So to speed up magneto 2, do upgrade to a top-notch hosting plan. Preferably the one that comes with a separate server.

A separate dedicated server won’t lag your online store in any way and will only speed up Magneto 2.

Keep a keen eye out for the extensions you employ

What most of us do, we see an extension, see all it has to offer and install it. Irrespective of whether we need it or not, or even how heavy it is. Thanks to wifi for the abundance of the internet. But some or most of those extensions slow down the loading of your store.

So, to speed up Magneto 2, start screening those extensions and keep only the ones, the absence of which will affect the working of your store. Eradication of unnecessary baggage will incredibly increase the store’s response time.


I’ll end on the note that everything has flaws, even something made with such precision as Magneto 2. On the one hand, are the flaws, and on the other are the ways to fix them. I’ve listed out a few methods to speed up Magneto 2. These are the ones which I thought would be most effective.

Also, there are others too, and you can explore and figure out which ones work for you. Try applying them on your online store and witness them working their magic.


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