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How to Speed up your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the widely used web building tools in the World. The ease and flexibility that it provides are unmatched and unrivaled by any other platform. WordPress as a content management system (CMS) is used by around 60% of the websites. Due to its ever growing features and benefits, it has become one of the most dominating web building tools in the World.

Apart from its long list of features and a high productivity ratio, WordPress too suffers on one aspect. Sometimes, due to its huge database, a website may take quite some time to load. A slow load time for a website can prove to be dangerous for your business. Users tend to leave a website and start browsing for other options if it is slow to load.

So, in order to speed up your WordPress website, it becomes necessary that you follow some steps or measures. These are as follows.

Choosing a Faster Host

This is one aspect which is not paid attention to. However, a WordPress hosting service plays a significant role in your website performance. You should not fall prey to the low price and the marketing strategy of some hosting services. A substandard host would cater inferior server resources that would make your website run slow. Most of the websites owners choose shared hosts as it enables them to save a lot of their money. One of the major downsides of this is that if a website that shares the same host as your site, gets huge traffic then the performance of the whole server will get impacted. Along with all the other websites, your site will also get slow. So, it is recommended to choose a good hosting service that would help you to speed up your website.

Siteground has the best WordPress hosting, support and backups and comes with 30 days of separate backup copies stored in datacenters around the world.

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Selecting a Speed Optimized Theme

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website demands a significant amount of diligence from your end. You can find a wide variety of impressive and visually appealing themes that can affect your website’s performance as they are coded poorly. Opting for a theme that has a minimal design is the way to go. WordPress will give you plenty of options in the form of Free and Premium WordPress themes to enhance the overall functionality of your website. It is always advisable to opt for premium WP themes over the free ones as they are coded well, optimized for speed and free from bloatware.

Find the best wordpress themes here: http://bit.ly/2s29XRN

Using a Content Delivery System (CDN)

The loading time of a website is different in different geographical locations. This is because the web hosting company that you have chosen has its server located in some other location than yours. This problem can be resolved by using a Content Delivery System (CDN). A CDN is basically a network that consists of servers all over the World. These servers store static files that are deployed in building your website. On integrating CDN with WordPress Website, whenever you will visit a website, you will be served with the static files from the server situated closest to you.

Compressing the Images

We all are aware that images enhance the overall visual appeal of your website that in return boost your user engagement. However, these images can sometimes cause your website to load slowly. Not using images at all or reducing their number is not the solution. You need to optimize your images before uploading them. The optimization must be done in such a way that quality of the images is not compromised. For performing the optimization process, WordPress has certain plugins that will automatically optimize every image that is to be uploaded to the website. These plugins even reduce the size of the images to around half their original size and still maintain their quality.  Check out some of these image compression plugins: http://bit.ly/2Izg46Q

Using Caching Plugin

WordPress has a number of useful plugins that are beneficial in different ways. There are certain plugins that fall under the caching category. Caching plugins will improve the loading time of your website by creating static pages. A user will not have to load each and every page again whenever he visits the website. The best thing about these caching plugins is that all of them are available at WordPress for free.  Check out some of these other useful caching plugins: http://bit.ly/2kaHrJO


The points mentioned above will enable you to improve the speed of your website in a significant manner. Following the above points can be considered as the best practices that each and every WordPress website owner must follow.

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