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How to Start a WordPress Blog – A Quick Guide

Launching a blog is a great medium to share your thoughts, views & to promote your skills. In 2018, if you are planning to launch a blog, then here is a quick guide on how to start a blog step by step easily.

Getting Started

Before getting started, it is essential that you have selected a high-quality & fully functional platform to launch your blog. You will find several blogging platforms that you can use, i.e., Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, WordPress & so on; WordPress is the one that is most secure, easy to use & recommended by top bloggers. There are plenty of reasons to choose WordPress such as it is free, there are hundreds of theme & plugin options; both free & paid to pick from for your blog. It has an uber-cool support system as the developers are working towards the betterment of WordPress community & Google will love your site, credits to the inbuilt SEO-friendly features. The only thing this platform will need is hosting & that leads us, to the second & third step of this guide.


Web hosting can be best understood as a service that helps you make your blog display online. In simpler words, it is a space you purchase for your online presence just like you would buy a real estate. Investing in a good web hosting plan & getting it with a trustworthy provider ensures that your data is secured & is less bound to be hacked & getting corrupted. You get a choice between free & paid hostings; select whichever depending on your needs & further, you have an option of switching when the need arises.

Siteground has the best WordPress support and WordPress backups and comes with 30 days of separate backup copies stored in data centers around the world.

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Pick a Niche

When thinking to start a blog, you will encounter millions of topics you can cover on your blog. However, it is advisable that rather than experimenting, in the initial stage, stick on the niche you are most confident about & can write, talk or publish the content. Thus the name, depending on your blog, should be able to provide the vibe of your niche; the name should not be too technical, should be short, crisp & easy to remember & pronounce.

Promote your Blog

Now, when you have narrowed down the topics & you have the content which you can publish on your blog, promoting it, is equally critical. There are plenty of ways to promote your content; including keywords, social media sharing, email subscriptions to name a few. You can use SEMRush which is a powerful & complete SEO tool that enables your site to improve at traffic, improve the overall search engine optimization, provides advance keywords research, helps in link building & so much more. You can read a SEMRush Keyword Research Tool Review here!

Tips for your Blog

Once your blog is up & live on the web, you would learn so many things to improve at blogging. There are endless guides for advanced tips & basic tips as well. However, this will sum up as it depends on how much you can incorporate into your blog. You can join few forums, read articles & tutorials to learn the ongoing trends in the blogging world. Additionally, being a blogger, it is an absolute must that you be in touch with you readers & their expectation of your blog. Try to execute the changes in your writing, presentation of the content or explore new genres that you can cover but never forget your readers.

So, here is the four-step guide that you can follow once you decide to blog your heart out. And if you want to add something, do let us know your views in the comments section!

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