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Successful SaaS Marketing Strategies for Software Companies

The software sector is evolving. SaaS (Software as a Service) grows almost three times faster than Software as such, almost 20% annually. The rise of startups causes competition to be increasingly abundant and aggressive, how can your software company differentiate itself?

You have already read the answer in the headline: a competent SaaS marketing strategy will help you acquire customers in a more profitable and efficient way, as well as retain them over time.

The philosophy of software is to provide a service that will facilitate/streamline a process for your client. To do so, you must test thoroughly before trying to sell to anything. Design your software around the needs of your buyer persona.

Find out exactly what they need and find a way to attract it. Always focus on it; after all, it will be the Software that generates income for you. But beware, your commitment to the client does not end here, you must maintain direct contact with your buyers, to anticipate future needs and thus maintain continuous improvement of the software. As you know, an excellent product is only the first step to success. Make sure your potential customer knows about your existence and offer an excellent experience before, during and after the purchase.

Software companies should use SaaS marketing strategies to attract quality leads as well as potential customers to their software company.

You have certainly heard about SaaS Marketing. The solution is widely used in the largest software companies worldwide. With the SaaS model, companies do not need to develop, install, maintain and upgrade marketing software. Access is easy and simple: you only need an Internet connection.

Companies that offer software services belong to the fastest growing niche in the world. However, ironically, it is also the most difficult to market.

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SaaS means “Software as a Service.” In short, SaaS Marketing is making Internet marketing software available as a service.

This software runs on the servers of the provider companies. And they retain the responsibility for managing access and ensuring the data security, connectivity, and server frameworks required for the service.


Two main benefits are responsible for the success of SaaS Marketing: great cost-benefit and software quality.

As explained above, all development, maintenance, and improvement costs are borne by the providers. Companies are only responsible for the monthly cost of using the tool.

With the market expanding, providers are highly aligned with the most emerging technology tools and processes. Therefore, companies have access to the best technologies for a relatively low cost.

Another great benefit is agility. It does not require installation or any major deployment. It is fast and simple.

In addition, SaaS Marketing offers important customizations for businesses and enables integration with other existing tools. For all that, the popularity of SaaS increases every day. Do not be left out!

The concept of SaaS is so interesting that it has expanded to other areas. Even products that no one would imagine buying are today successful – there are companies selling towels, fruits, drinks, pop-culture items, and so on.

However, the big difficulty lies in selling new software solutions or gaining space in an increasingly competitive market. To help you, we have selected five SaaS Marketing strategies to drive the growth of your business.

Build customer loyalty

Understanding your customer/consumer timing is critical to directing your resources when creating an effective solution.

And this is just the first step. You need to treat the customer’s journey with your company with the same dedication and attention. To do so, there are advanced techniques that can help you gain more confidence – such as Customer Success.

Invest in content

Providing free and quality content is a simple method of showing that your company has an area of expertise. Both eBook and blog articles are great ways to expand your knowledge and even spread success stories.

You can also create a social login to your site or a newsletter to capture potential leads. To thus target your upcoming content to these specific users.

This is exactly what SaaS Marketing should do. Giving a free product or service is one of the most widely accepted and standardized strategies.

Make some noise with your SaaS Marketing

Sharing content that attracts the curiosity of your followers (whether it’s a technological breakthrough or a new feature of your software) is one of the countless ways to create a debate, and, most importantly, be part of it.

Developing influential marketing that looks natural rather than programmed is a complex task. But when done right, it can become viral in minutes.

Today, there is no shortage of social media channels to start applying new SaaS marketing strategies to generate buzz. However, it is important to study which of them (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc.) your target audience focuses on. After all, it’s no use making noise on Twitter if who you want to reach is only on Facebook!

Sell more than one product

SaaS means “Software as a Service”. But emphasize “service.” Of course, the software is important (it must be well made and bug-free). However, the service needs to be perfect because it is through that you can attract and retain new customers.

That’s why you must sell your Software by promoting your service. Take customer satisfaction as a central point in your strategy. Talk to them whenever you can to ask questions and provide tips.

Have focus

When starting a SaaS Marketing project, know the focus of your business. For example, if it is value competition, then your goal will be to optimize costs on a recurring basis. Therefore, you need to work technology in favor of your company, but not make it your standard business model. Use your creativity to combine strategic decisions and digital resources to provide the best solutions for your customers and consumers.

Final Words

In short, all you need to win your customers is good quality products and personalized service. When you dedicate yourself to these two features, the rest of your SaaS Marketing for software company takes care of itself!

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