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Synchredible: Sync Folders and Drives

Synchronizing files and folders for people who generally work on multiple computers can be an excruciating task. Transferring files from their work computer to their personal ones can become tiring and monotonous.

Synchredible offers a painless alternative that can save countless seconds of copying, dragging, and pasting the files repeatedly from one location to another. Synchredible is an effective solution to access files and folders and keep them up-to-date easily.

Synchredible is a seemingly simple application that is ideal for synchronization and backup utility that doesn’t cost a thing. Moreover, it also offers an incredible array of options, which are mostly found in paid products.

At first, the app may look a little intimidating with its rare display, but it can be easily mastered. Synchredible keeps you updated throughout the seven-step process at each screen by telling you exactly where you are. The final step allows users to sync unique files while preventing duplicates from being created.

Also, users are given information regarding the number of files transferred, warnings, and how long it took to complete the process. The overall file trade information in general and choose the direction it will flow, organize filters, set schedules, and many more.

Synchredible Set Up

Synchredible is simple to install and free for private use. The only distinguishing aspect of the installation process is that the program automatically sets itself to launch at every Windows startup until directed otherwise. Moreover, it also integrates an icon in the system tray area.

It doesn’t interrupt the usual computer activities even while carrying out a task. The task runs in the background while you complete other tasks.

Approachable Interface

The app window is inherent and even allows rookies to figure out ways to set up a backup job by entering the right limitations. While most of the programs have adopted the Windows 8 flat look, Synchredible chose to opt-out from blending in. The wizards are relatively simple and also the primary basis for the configuration of backup settings. That is the reason the steps are easy to proceed with, without any confusion or complexities.

Create New Tasks

You can create multiple tasks by following the wizard steps and with different sets of rules. The utility allows only two folders or files to synchronize. You can also include and exclude sub-folders. To sync all folders you need to copy all items from one location to another by selecting the sync direction. Copy file operations are used to create identical directories. It is also possible to sync files and leave out identical files. Also, any unnecessary files can be deleted or moved to the recycle bin.

Apply Filters

The file filters usually include the archive bit set, hidden files, identical contents, directory attributes, timestamps, and, most importantly, whether or not to copy the user access rights and alternate data streams. You also have the option to view the number of most recent days and take into account when synchronizing changed the files.

You can now create additional files by creating a whitelist and a blacklist. It will allow you to indicate specific files and folders and enter rules manually with path directories and extension files.

Schedule Sync Jobs

You can automatically set up the sync job for periodic updates or set the job manually, according to your need. You can set the exact time, frequency, and system events such as system startups and shutdowns, drive mapping, USB extension, etc. You can set the month and weekdays with a particular time restriction complete with conditions like active and inactive files, whether the files exist or not and other condition mappings.

Set Automated Actions

The next step also creates the possibility to manage actions that can be automatically executed before or after the synchronization process. You can connect to a network drive, send the report via email, open a file, launch an application, or enter the standby mode. You can shut down and restart the operating system as well with Synchredible automation. Also, the post-sync job can be carried out even when the sync job is canceled, although it’s not mandatory.

Control Sync Jobs

You can easily control the synchronization process anytime you like. You can pause the sync job and allocate the system resources to other applications. The three trigger buttons also allow you to shut down, restart, and put the Windows on standby mode after you allocate the resources temporarily. Analyze the reports after the task ends, with complete details regarding the files, protocols, warnings, and other aspects.


The users do not have to be IT experts to use Synchredible. There are other features such as previewing file lists and configuring general settings that one can explore on the board. The latest version 6 has also significantly improved the speed optimization with updated security checks.

Overall, Synchredible is a fantastic product that works smoothly and is reliable. It synchronizes the data quickly and saves time. So far, people have faced very little problem while using Synchredible and it’s also a highly recommendable freeware.

Download Synchredible

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