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Take Heed: The Importance of Wearing a Wristwatch

The wearing of a wristwatch became unnecessary in the past few years because young men perceive wristwatches as dated, obsolete, and old-fashioned.

Due to the innovation of technology and developments of smartphones, young men didn’t have the need to use a wristwatch since their phones can help them tell the time.

Wearing a watch nowadays isn’t only about telling the time, watches have certain features and functions that can be extremely helpful when it comes to outdoor activities. Further, the durability of wristwatches is something that makes it a whole lot better than a smartphone whenever you’re hiking or swimming.

In addition, wearing wristwatches can significantly change your everyday tasks by allowing you to live a smoother life. One of the key characteristics that wristwatches offer is perfect timing because having it on your wrist is much more effective than having it in your pocket. Thus, you should take heed because you’re about to find out about the importance of wearing a wristwatch.

The Accessory that Makes the Best Statement Piece

Timepieces make the best statement piece in every fashion because wearing the right one for your wrist highlights your style and personality. The choices of wristwatches we buy and wear tells a lot about our preferences. Since there are different kinds of timepieces with different designs and functions.

For instance, luxury watches are a subtle way for us to display our wealth because the brand and appearance of a luxury watch itself will let people know you mean business. Luxury watches such as the Omega Speedmaster is an excellent statement piece that will certainly catch everyone’s attention as soon as you enter the room.

Keep in mind that a good looking watch can enhance not just the outfit you’re wearing, but it will also significantly highlight your appearance. Since wristwatches are one of the must-have jewelry for both men and women. Watches weren’t only seen as a tool but as an essential piece of jewelry that should never be overlooked when it comes to fashion.


While the purpose of wristwatches is nowhere similar to how it was being used in the early 19th century. The engineering and design of timepieces today were made to be tremendously functional to help improve our everyday lives due to its different reliable functions.

The earlier engineering and design of timepieces were made to synchronize maneuvers and strategies during the war times. The evolution of wristwatches nowadays with regards to functionality has expanded to assist us in different tasks and activities we do.

The different tasks and activities we do such as diving, exploring, flying, racing, and traveling have a need for wristwatches to keep us from getting lost or to keep us safe, or to avoid replacing batteries, watches have been made to be solar (check out Globo Surf) or kinetic. For instance, diving watches have count-up bezels that have a scale from zero to 60 minutes to indicate how much oxygen you have remaining when diving.

There are also specific watches designed to withstand the world of aviation with the capability to have navigational time readings such as the Rolex Air-King. The Rolex Air-King is able to withstand long-distance flights and assist humanity with their capacity to conquer the skies.


Some wristwatches were designed to withstand physically demanding jobs by having a bulky rugged exterior capable of resisting dust, magnet, shock, water, and vibration. The best example of such a watch would be the G-Shock Gwg-1000-1A3 Mudmaster. The Mudmaster is an analog watch containing the Triple Sensor Version 3.

The Triple Sensor Version 3 is capable of providing barometric pressure, temperature information, and access to directions even during tough conditions. The case of the watch is also protected by a sapphire crystal to make sure that you can tell the time even in areas where piles of debris, dirt, and rubble are present.


Wearing a wristwatch isn’t only for telling the time nowadays, due to the innovation of technology and the discovery of better materials for making watches. Watches have become reliable because of their durability as well as having all-around functionality with different styles of watches.

Keep in mind that the design of wristwatches also makes a great investment for your style because of their capability to make excellent statement pieces. You have to make sure though that the watch you’re wearing matches your style and fashion to highlight your appearance, and not take all of the attention off of you.

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