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Technological Advances: a Win-Win Situation for Online Gambling

There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way in which people gamble.  It’s a long way from vintage video games. It has changed the way that casinos are able to offer various casino games; it has changed the way in which punters are able to participate; and it has even changed numerous laws associated with gambling and regulating the industry.

Adapting to Succeed – How Online Gambling Embraces Technological Change

A great degree of competition, coupled with a wide range of bonuses has meant that online gambling has never been more popular – and this would not be possible without advances in technology over the past couple of decades or so.

One of the main ways in which technology has helped to develop the online gambling market is by enabling the consumer to have a much more comprehensive experience. For example, once upon a time, when going to a traditional bricks-and-mortar casino, the choice of games that people could play was obviously limited by the amount of space a building had, the availability and knowledge of staff, and the equipment available – including any necessary tables, as well as other accessories that are required to play, such as a roulette wheel. However, these challenges don’t really affect the online gambling industry.

The Risk-Free Option to Get a Taste of Online Gambling

Of course, as well as offering more choice, this one distinct difference between online gambling and casinos in the real world: technology has enabled websites to provide free to play options, which simply would not be a viable or cost-effective in a traditional casino.

Without a doubt, the Social Casino Games industry has revolutionized the industry in many ways, not least it has enabled punters to learn more about games that they might otherwise never have thought of playing. Essentially, there are two key factors: firstly, casinos are often perceived as being relatively sophisticated places, which means people can be reluctant to display a lack of knowledge, for fear that it will make them look out of their depth. Furthermore, playing casino games cost money, which means people will be hesitant to play games that they do not understand. Online technology has given people the chance to anonymously try out new games without having to risk money.

Creating the Right Atmosphere

One of the most important things about traditional casinos is the atmosphere that they provide. Ideally, there should be a palpable sense of excitement, which can be created in a variety of ways. Firstly, there are plenty of sounds and noises going on in the background, such as the ruffling of casino chips; the whirring of roulette wheels; the beeps, hoots and whistles of slot machines; and, of course, the cries of excitement as people win. Likewise, visually there will be flashing lights and a hubbub of excitement. Furthermore, there is the sense of touch, which can easily be overlooked, but is quite important – for example, there is something unique about the feel of a casino chip in your hand, whilst cards can have a particular feel and even smell. Of course, technology is still limited in his ability to replicate smells or to provide us with stimulation for our sense of touch; however, it is fair to say that humans love to press buttons, and this is something that can be replicated online.

Interaction is an important part of the casino game experience, so online gambling often uses whatever is available technologically to engage with punters, which typically includes providing a range of buttons for humans to press. It doesn’t matter how old you are, humans are naturally inquisitive and like to be in control, so the sense of satisfaction pressing a simple button is a great way to engage with users.

Playing Anywhere, Anytime

Of course, when it comes to talking about online gambling and technology, it is important to acknowledge the impact that mobile devices are having on the industry. Whilst – with the arrival of the Internet – being able to take part in online gambling home revolutionized the industry, the ability to play anywhere at any time has also had a huge impact.

No longer are casino games the preserve of the elite, available to a select minority; instead, almost anyone can play, all thanks to the advances in technology in recent years.


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