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Technology Journals and Publications

Over the last decade, these have been some of the best Technology Journals and Publications.  

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  1. Wired 
    No matter what your area of IT expertise or interest, Wired covers it. With columns on everything from technology in cars to national security, you can learn more about your preferred technology while learning all about a new one. There are also blogs, how-to’s, videos, and much more to keep any visitor busy.
  2. Info World
    Because information is power, especially in IT, there is this publication. It has eight different channels for IT professionals including applications, cloud computing, security, and others. They even have a Test Center and Tech Watch with much more.
  3. Pop Sci
    Get the publication that makes science fun with a visit here.   Technology often makes the first topic of conversation from gadgets to DIY. They also have the top stories and new features shown right on the homepage.
  4. Computer World
    Visit here for an all computers, all the time publication. They have loads of entries in every area from operating systems to the internet. You can also check out their blogs, Shark Tank, and webcasts.
  5. PC Mag
    One of the oldest publications in information technology is still one of the best. Get news on laptops, tablets, mobiles, and all sorts of peripheral equipment here. They also have a special Reader’s Choice section where IT pro’s from across the web weigh in.
  6. PC World
    Blogs, forums, podcasts, and videos are all available online here. You can also check by your computer topic of interest. There is even a top rated products section where you can learn how to get the most bang for your IT dollar.
  7. Mac World 
    If the personal computer isn’t your thing, you probably run one or several Apple devices. Stop here to get loads of news about them. The site runs several stories a day and lets you choose by your favorite device.
  8. Computer Weekly
    Because the U.S. isn’t the only country that does IT, stop here. This publication is based in the UK and offers a different perspective on the topic. They also have blogs, headlines, and even special photo stories.
  9. Technology News
    Finally, “The New York Times” offers this special section with all the news in IT. There are headlines from the latest corporate developments to the latest breakthroughs in personal tech. They also offer several expert blogs on technology.

IT Journals

Great technology journal reading:

  1. Technology Review
    Click here to read the IT journal published by the leaders at MIT. Topics include computing, web, communications, and more. There are also blogs and videos available on the site.
  2. Journal of Information Technology
    This journal is published on behalf of the Association for Information Technology Trust. Get many scholarly articles on the topic with a visit. There are also related journals to choose from.
  3. Linux Journal
    If both Mac and Windows have you reaching for a third option, click here. This journal is the choice for IT professionals working in Linux. Get news, blogs, how-to’s, and more with a visit.
  4. Web Developer’s Journal
    Get a journal on web page design, HTML, and graphics here. They have sections for ponytails and suits, as well as a few others. There are also loads of resources for every subject from ASP to XML.
  5. The New Atlantis
    They are a journal of how technology and society combine. Both current and archived items are available on the site. You can also check out their blogs and Twitter feed.
  6. Scientific American
    This journal features the latest in the world of science. With a section titled Extreme Tech, you can get items in the latest developments in the world of information technology. There are also many related items discussed here.
  7. Journal of Technology Education
    If still learning or teaching in the world of information technology, stop here. The journal is published by Virginia Tech and offers many items online. The archives go all the way back to 1989.
  8. OSRA 
    Now known as the Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal, it was formerly named the Office Systems Research Journal. Although the last issue was published in 2009, you can read all the way back to 2000. Check out online for free, or you can order a back issue.
  9. JIITO
    The Journal of Information, Information Technology, and Organizations isn’t published that often but is worth a look. The peer reviewed articles encourage authors to develop and publish quality papers that address in a balanced manner. Check out the issues, or send in an article of your own.

IT Publications

These magazines and IT publications and have loads of information for IT professionals.

  1. Information Week
    They bill themselves as bringing “the business value of technology.” Make your knowledge of IT into money with their help. They have breaking news and commentary from many leading professionals, as well as tidbits for all areas of IT.
  2. Extreme Tech
    The most popular items and what’s new greets every visitor here. Check out topics from computing to deals on the site. Most trending topics currently include Windows 8 and Google.
  3. CIO 
    Every IT pro dreams of becoming the Chief Information Officer.   However, you don’t have to be the CIO to appreciate this publication. It has all sorts of tips for those looking to climb to the top, as well as those who already are.
  4. CIO Insight
    In keeping with the above, this publication is also aimed at leading IT professionals. There are loads of videos and blogs, as well as columns, to keep those at all levels of information technology occupied. They also have case studies and webcasts for the viewing.
  5. Certification Magazine
    If looking to get just about any sort of certification in IT, this is the publication for you. There are tips, news, and more on the site. You can also check out the most viewed to get an idea of what certifications are worth going after.
  6. Redmond Magazine
    Love Microsoft items but not so much the company? Then check out this publication that is “the independent voice of the Microsoft IT community.” Hot topics include an IT salary survey and Exchange 2010.
  7. Network Computing
    Get a publication “for IT by IT” here. Pro Reports have loads on the latest in networking, as well as topics such as data protection and virtualization. There are also expert blogs for the reading.
  8. Haking
    Similar to the above, this is a publication for those in information technology security. In addition to articles, you can find tutorials and eBoks on the subject. They even have an offer for free issues.

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