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Ten Trendy Tech Tips for Your Home

Over the past decade, technology products have changed dramatically, integrating with more and more parts of our lives. Technology was once something you place within a room in the home – a television or a stereo system. It’s now something you place within a home – in the walls, the utilities, throughout all of your rooms. With new home technology being released each week, this handy guide will introduce you to the ten most useful innovations that you can slowly plug into your home, modernizing it for our tech-centric age.

Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are useful if you’re at home and pondering whether to get out of bed to answer the door, but they’re even more useful when you’re away from home and expecting a package. It’s inexpensive and easy to install but will help you get out and about more while still knowing who’s going to your front door.


Smart Showers

Who thought that the humble tap, lever, or faucet needed an upgrade? Well, technologists did – and now you can have a smart shower, which tracks your shower times, gives you accurate temperature estimations, and offers different forms of soak – from monsoon downpour to light drizzle. A great addition to a home for those who enjoy spending time in the bathroom, soaking, and washing.


USB Sockets

Let’s face it – most of the charging you now need in your life is mediated through a USB charger, not a two-pin plug. That means that the holes in your walls that provide electricity are annoyingly outdated, requiring adaptors and extra wires. It’s far simpler to install USB electricity points in your home – something an electrician will be able to do throughout an afternoon.

Solar Panels

They’ve never been so cheap and efficient, so it’s a great time for you to purchase solar panels for the roof of your home. Save on electricity, contribute to the global effort to avert climate change, and enjoy water heated by nothing other than the sun’s rays. So, get on the phone to Custom Solar and Leisure to book an appointment and get panels installed within the week. As a one-off tech investment, you’re not going to get much better than solar panels – because they save you money and sometimes even enable you to sell electricity back to the grid, they’re the perfect addition to a modern home.


Responsive Lighting

If you think about it, it’s odd that we’ve gone for so many years without being able to adjust the lighting in our homes to suit our mood. You’ll know full-well that bright light is energizing, white light helps you work, and that dim or warm, yellow light sets a more comforting or romantic atmosphere. Adjusting light also helps you sleep at the right time or wake up to get ready for work. Smart, responsive lighting will get you there – with a remote control to set your lights at whatever hue or brightness you desire.

Heating and Cooling

Let’s look to the other key atmosphere setter – the level of warmth in your home. Clearly, you’re looking to maintain a certain temperature come rain, shine, or snow. But getting there with conventional heating can take time and costs money. It’s far more effective to install smart heaters and air conditioners, which you can program from your phone so that your home is at just the right temperature when you push through the door after work. Another simple installation will put you in full control of the temperature in your home.

Sound Systems

The humble stereo has been a fixture in the homes of music fans for decades. But it looks like its days are numbered, with smart speakers rapidly taking over in an age where we’re streaming music rather than downloading or buying it. So, move with the times by buying into the trend, again controlling the sound across all the rooms of your home – simultaneously if you wish – with music streamed straight from your phone. Naturally, they connect to all music streaming services, so you don’t have to worry about finding one that’s compatible with the software you stream from.

Chairs and Beds

A good deal of research has taken place over the last two decades on how to get the best sleep possible. Mattresses have been tested, electronic beds have been mooted, and ergonomic chairs have been designed. All of these represent the tip of the “sleep-tech” revolution, which you should certainly take a look at if you’re interested in getting the most out of your slumber. And when it comes to furniture, you’ll find some incredible and attractive innovations to help you relax in more comfort than ever before in your home.

Sleep Aids

Speaking of sleep tech, it’s worth looking at the other products designed to optimize your time snoozing. For example, alarm clocks wake you up with natural-quality light, which slowly brightens as the morning dawns. Some lights do the same at night, gently pushing you into a sleepy mood. And there are dozens of products designed to create a slumberous atmosphere in your bedroom – from smart diffusers to ambient speakers – many of which have been proven to enhance sleep.

OK, Google

Finally, no smart home is complete without the home-helper smart speakers that you can speak commands and questions to. They might seem odd at first, but soon they come to save you an awful lot of time. Ask about the weather as you’re reaching for the umbrella or the sun lotion. Ask to play your favorite song, and it’ll play within a second. Ask them to recall the lead actor in that film you watched a couple of days ago or to set a timer as you push a dish into the oven. These smart speakers are certainly the future – shaving minutes off the tasks you perform every day. Those add up over a month, optimizing the time you spend in your home.

Bring your home squarely into the digital age by purchasing the ten tech products introduced here – helping to make your life more comfortable and convenient so that you can maximize the fun you have in your home.

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