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Thursday , 30 June 2016
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Text messaging with your eyes

So 15 years ago, we used pagers and learned to text using numbers. Now we have cellphones to text. In the next 15 years, we will be texting with our EYES.
Belgian technologists have created a curved liquid crystal display for contact lenses, a novel step toward having augmented reality literally right before our eyes. They’ve got an eye on displaying text messages this way. Unlike previous developments in contact lens displays, University of Ghent focused on creating a curved LCD that would be incorporated into a contact lens rather than embedding LED technology into one.

The new technology means the entire surface of the contact lens can be used to project images and messages.

Not all eye texting has to be wearable technology.  Check out The Eye Tribe, world’s first eye tracking tablet.

Senseye software allows users to interact with their mobile device using their eye movements.

The add-on uses a simple webcam and a set of infrared LEDs. The Senseye software records the eyes and calculates the point of the screen where the user is looking.

The hardware can be integrated into a device by using the front-facing camera and a built-in infrared LED.  Learn more about it at theeyetribe.com

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  1. Television In Mirror

    Google glasses will be a hit soon.

  2. Gravity light? It is really amazing. In your second video.

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