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The 5 Best Apps for College Students

There are plenty of apps out there for computers, mobile, Apple TV, etc., that we all know, love, and have been using for years: Instagram, Twitter, Venmo, Yik Yak – these are givens. But there are a few that may not be as well known.

If you’re a college student and you’re not using these resources, you’re missing out!


This app, available on the Mac App Store, is both your best friend and annoying parent. Here, you play your own bad-cop role as you choose to block certain distracting websites like Facebook or Thrillist so that you can get your work done before play. It’s set up so that you can make a “blacklist” and then just click start for whenever it’s go-time with cramming study hours or banging out a 1000-word paper.

Here’s the one problem: if you happen to finish your work early, there’s no resetting the blacklist hours. I suppose you’ll just have to steal your roommate’s computer to check into social media.


If you haven’t been using NoodleBib, NoodleTools, or EasyBib for just about every single citation ever written, you have a problem. Oh, you can’t remember the differences between APA, MLA, and Chicago style formats? Yeah, neither can we.

Don’t sweat it: EasyBib, available both online and on Google Play, can shred extra time off of your work hours. Just input all of the information needed for usual citations – like author, publication, date, page references, etc. and EasyBib will do all the dirty work for you to produce a quality bibliography.


The name of this app for Android is pretty self-explanatory: studious is just what you’ll be when using it. As an all-in-one planner, it organizes your calendar of classes, study time, and outside activities so that if you forget something, you will be instantly reminded.

Not only does it remind you when to do homework, but it also tells your phone what to do during class time – for those times that you forget to silence it. Nobody wants to be that guy whose phone goes off during a lecture.


Cut, copy, paste: the greatest feature anyone has ever used while writing a paper. But what about that time you go to paste something, and it is just… wrong. You are sent into a state of panic, you begin sweating, and your fingers couldn’t be CTRL Z-ing quickly enough.

Whatever it is that you were trying to cut and paste is lost in some technological vortex, the outer cosmos of your computer’s brain. Don’t fret: Jumpcut, an app for Mac users saves every single cut you have ever made. There’s a separate pile, or stack, of clippings that will be saved forever. Also, it has a visually appealing scissors icon just to make moments like these a little less stressful for us all.


Do you love bacon? Do you aspire to find a significant other who loves bacon just as much as you do? We thought so. Sizzl is for all bacon lovers to meat each other – in the same way Tinder works.

This Oscar-Mayer sponsored app (yes, the actual meat brand is the developer) asks a variety of extremely important questions such as, “How do you like your bacon cooked,” and, “If there were only one slice of bacon left on a first date, what would you do?” The FAQ page for the app can answer even more of these life questions, including what to do if that someone special admits the horrifying truth of not loving bacon.

Why is this app important for college students, you may ask. Well… Because bacon.

Assignment Essay Shark

Students often take help of the phrase, “do my assignment,” when they are not in the mood to deal with their homework (original source). This one is not an app, but a great website to help you find an expert who will help you write your assignments, from math calculations to complicated engineering solutions!  Post your project and they will do it right!

After reviewing our list, you now have all the tools to get through these four years of your life. Because college is already stressful enough; why not have a little help?

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