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The A-Z of Planning a Powerful Local SEO Audit

Do you own a brick-and-mortar store that is not getting the desired traction you were looking for? If yes, then it’s time you do some work to figure out the root cause of these problems. A comprehensive audit will help you with the nuts and bolts of planning an effective digital strategy.

To help you in this regard, read a checklist of tasks you need to take care of for a comprehensive SEO audit.

The step-by-step guide from a reputable local search service can help you improve the authority and relevance of your business within the geographic area your business operates in.

Competitor Audit

To get things off the ground, you need to start by analyzing your biggest competitors in your area. This will help you assess the winning formulae your competitors are already using to rank high. You can see the result and prioritize your time and resources to make improvements in these areas faster. For instance, if you see that the leading competitor’s website uses the same keywords that you use but their site has a more mobile-friendly interface, then you will want to start making improvements from here.

Keyword Audit

Keywords are a very important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. If your content doesn’t have the right keywords, you will most likely be not picked up by search engines and miss out on a ton of potential clients. Several free and paid keyword research tools can help you discover keywords and give you data on how much volume each keyword is generating.

Try to find long-tail keywords as they will have less competition than short-tail keywords. This would increase the odds of people landing on your site and making a purchase. It is ideal to outsource to affordable local SEO services as they will help you get the keywords that will get you the desired results. Moreover, they will use keywords that generate relevant traffic and filter out those that are not beneficial.

Website Audit

Technical proficiency is important for your website to function optimally. This is why you need to run a detailed website audit to identify technical errors that could otherwise be a stumbling block in your success. These can include things like not having HTTPS security or having no XML sitemaps. There could also be issues with the design and user interface, which can cause page speed to slow down and make the customer experience poor.

Content Audit

If the content on your website is poor or outdated, you will lose out on the algorithm according to the latest changes by Google. The search engine giant prioritizes search intent over all other things and only rewards sites whose content satisfies user search queries. Previously, some content writers resorted to keyword stuffing without focusing on the actual value of the content; however, this isn’t something that websites can get away with now.

To overcome this, do an in-depth analysis of the content on your site and try to overcome the existing weaknesses. Your overarching goal should always be to create skyscraper content, which simply means, your content is better than every one of your competitors.

Moreover, check to ensure there isn’t any duplicate content on the site as this can lead to the search engine penalizing your site. If you feel that your team doesn’t have the creative spark to write such content, then you must hire local SEO services that have a creative team at their disposal. They know exactly the type of content that will help your website rise to the very top of the search engine rankings.

Links Audit

Over time, both internal and external links can get deleted or outdated. This would affect the domain authority of your site. It would also create a bad impression about your business if a customer opens a link and nothing shows up. They might think the website is fraudulent and opt for your competitor’s site.

If you feel going and checking every link is time-consuming, then consider outsourcing to a good local SEO services provider. They use the latest tools to find broken links quickly so they can be fixed. This ensures an optimal experience for your website visitors, which in turn leads to more conversions.

GMB Audit

If you dream of getting your company in the local pack, then it’s crucial you do a detailed GMB audit. This will help you identify problem areas such as not selecting the correct business categories or putting the right links to the website. If you find this all a bit too complicated, then hire a local SEO optimization services provider to help.

They will help you craft the accurate business profile needed for you to dominate your local area. Such teams put the accurate pin location in Google Maps and add in as much relevant information as possible, such as hours of operations, events, etc.

A local SEO optimization service provider, such as Search Berg, can help you climb search engine rankings and optimize your website.

About the Author: Karen L. is a highly experienced SEO services consultant working for an affordable SEO service solutions provider,  Search Berg. She helps small businesses fix their local SEO strategy so they start seeing more inquiries and getting more visitors to their business.

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