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The Bug Squasher Review: Features and Pricing

In this article, we present the best bug tracking tool that programmers can use and help them eliminate any bug in their program.

Coding is the essence of web development, therefore, each programmer is aware of the fact that not only coding is the most important aspect of development, but must be carried out with extra care and vigilance to reduce the occurrence of errors or bugs.

For this reason, developers use different bug tracking tools that are very useful for them to make sure that their coding or development work is free of errors.

We should be aware of the bugs that occur, understand why and where they happen, communicate it with other developers and solve them by taking control of them.

It may seem like a simple task to say so, but if we do not use flexible website management tool that can make life much easier, believe me it will not be so easy.

So What is Bug Tracking Software?

A bug tracking software is also known as a defect tracking system; it is software that records bug reports intended for software development companies.

Used by programmers and other members of quality control staff whose responsibility is to track issues related to developments so they can provide a centralized and clear overview of programming requests.

Fault management is a very important aspect for any software development process. Product management stresses the importance of effective fault management when creating a product appreciated by customers.

There are a large number of tools for bug tracking, each of them has its strengths, and here in this article we will provide you all insight of powerful issues tracking software called “THE BUG SQUASHER”.  For more information, visit .

This software allows you to find the best solutions for your problems.

What is The Bug Squasher?

Currently, this software has been dubbed as one of the best bug tracking tools by various experts. This software is developed by the team of expert’s web developers.

This tool provides users with a perfect solution for tracking defects in their products.

This simple application can be very useful not only for users but also for administrations, some of its features are described below to give you an idea on how it can be beneficial for you as a user and as a administrator:

Easy Installation Process

All you need is to add a single line of code to work with this software!

Easy to Report

You can easily assign, track, squash bugs, manage team and create clear visual report.

Adaptable Tool

This bug tracker can work on different frameworks ie Laravel, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Secure Squashing Abilities

This software can also function from behind. You can also make changes on live secure sites.

Efficient Support

Always feel satisfied with our visual reporting and flexible bug tracker features.

Record, Snip & Click

Quickly record issues, take screenshots, even upload images, while you assign bugs to your team and manage projects.

This bug tracker has a very useful and easy-to-use feature for administrators and project management teams. It is a lightweight application that can also be easily installed.

This software is very easy for your non-techie clients to understand.

This bug tracking software can easily connect to CRM’s like Asana, Basecamp, Podio and more. You can also easily add as many members as you want.

This tool is for those who want to streamline and simplify communications between teams, clients and projects.

If you want add live sites, and then you must buy an individual plan per domain. This software is built for developers, freelancers, agencies, web firms, and site owners aka you.


  • Task Management
  • Ticket Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Filtering
  • Issue Tracking

Working of “The Bug Squasher”

Once the bug is reported, you can assign them to your team and / with clients. You can also streamline communication between website owners and those working on their site.


To use the trial version for 14 days this software, just sign up and select free trial. You don’t need to add credit card details.

This software comes with 3 price plan:


So if you are looking for a bug tracking tool that can record video, add unlimited team members and unlimited development sites, then this is for you. Here users can track, report, and annotate website bugs by adding just a single line of code to site.

For more information on this excellent bug tracking tool you can visit YouTube Playlist for guides, tutorials and more.

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