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The Evolution of Logo Design Due to Social Media

Social media has become ubiquitous in not only our everyday lives but also the industry. It has revolutionized the way we communicate with our clients and how we share content with them. It has given the consumers a voice as well as a platform for asking questions and sharing their feedbacks.

Another industry that has evolved due to social media is the logo designing industry. It has faced a major overhaul and the previous concepts of logo designing have been changed.

The Impact on Size

The one thing that social media has changed the most is the way logos are presented. Since people are spending more and more time on social networking platforms, logo designers are approaching this field according to the needs of the consumers.

What this means is that now logo designers have to create logos that are immediately recognizable while being small in size. The size we are talking about is 8mm, of course. This depends on your smartphone but the overall size is the same.

Designing for Smaller Size

Designing logos for a smaller size is something that the logo creators have been doing for a long time now. But now, with the advent of social media, it is much more imperative to design SMART logos that are tiny in size.

Before Social Media

Before social media came into being, there were different sizes that a good designer would take into account while drafting a logo. These included the header of the website, the email signature, the visiting cards, the packaging, and the shop exterior if you had a brick and mortar shop. The smallest logo that the designer would be worried about was about 50mm.

Today, because of social media, the size has went down drastically.

The Premier League Logo as an Example

One example of a brand that has evolved due to the impact of social media is The Premier League. They recognized the importance of social media in their business and developed a design in February of 2016 that was according to the new and reduced size.

From the picture above you can see that the previous Premier League logo had a full lion. It was wearing a crown and had one of its paws on the football. If the same icon was miniaturized, it would lose its attractiveness and would become cluttered and difficult to understand.

The new logo contains just a lion’s head wearing a crown and the words “Premier League” written in the same color as that of the lion’s head. It is a simplified version of the previous logo, yet it looks just as majestic as before while being simple. It looks great on social media and maintains its elegant look and dramatic impact no matter what size it is.

This is not just an example of how to design a sports logo but also a great example for other industries as well.

Adaptive Logo Design

Because of how we interact with different brands and communicate with them through social media, designers now need to come up with best logo designs that is adaptive and can easily be changed depending on where it is needed. This has presented logo designers with the opportunity to explore new avenues and enhance their creativity as they come up with designs that are small in size but deliver the same level of awareness that they previously did.

Hillary Clinton Logo

Another interesting example of adaptable and scalable logo designs is the one created for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. This design was specifically created to be highly effective in small size and work well with social media platforms. This logo superbly captures the essence of political issues and raises awareness for them as well as other events and ideas without being hindered by its size. It is simple and elegant and carries a lot of power and influence. It gives the followers a unique window into the issues that Hillary Clinton is trying to raise.

By changing nothing else but her twitter profile picture, Hillary Clinton is able to draw her followers’ attention to any topic, event, or idea that she wants without using any words or any other imagery.

Not only her, but the people who follow her, or anyone for that matter can join in. They can change the logo according to the topic that they want to bring into the limelight, all the while supporting their political candidate.

Instant Feedback

The trouble that arises is that due to social media, everything is now easily shareable and anything new can spread like a wildfire. When a brand launches its latest logo, it will immediately spark serious debates across multiple platforms. People will immediately share their views and opinions about the change in logo. The feedback could be positive as well as negative. It can either make the company and the designer or break them.

The job of the designer, in the current environment, is not to get pressurized or influenced by the continuous influx of opinions and feedback. Their job is to keep themselves from being pushed into designing something new, exciting, and revolutionary, hoping that the general public will like their work. This fear of negative feedback can have disastrous effects on the people of this industry. What they should do is to focus their minds not on what’s new and exciting but on what’s right and what works.

Final Thoughts

Logos are designed to tell the brand’s story. They can be new and invigorating but that is not an essential part of the job. As long as they tell the brand’s story and deliver the message that they are supposed to deliver, it doesn’t matter if they are uninspiring and not innovative enough.

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article: Logos are representatives of the brand and they should be made in such a way that they represent their brand according to the image that it wants to achieve and the message that it wants to convey.

So when designing logos that are ultra-small, make sure that you keep those basics in mind and give the company a logo that speaks for them.

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