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The Factors To Keep In Mind Before Investing In A Nas

NAS stands for Network-Attached Storage, it is a semi-computer device that has the ability to carry many HDDs loaded with data which you can access and interact across any specific network via shared network data or apps.

Have you ever noticed a small PC tower in anyone’s office or home that has multiple HDD bays in it? It could be NAS. There are so many websites that publish articles and reviews about this storage device but you can refer to Prized Reviews for the best feedback. Here you can find more info and unbiased reviews about NAS which would be extremely important for you in case you are looking for an option.

Things to consider while choosing the best NAS

Basically, a NAS HDD and a PC HDD use the same kind of technologies and they are even interchangeable. But one thing you need to be careful that you can rip the HDD out of the old PC and put it into the new NAS. You must treat HDD like any other part; even NAS varies in quality, speed, stability, cooling, and acoustics.

The bandwidth

The rapidness of input-output operations decides the speed at which data can be written and also recovered from an HDD. It’s measured in megabits per second but some drives would offer measurements in Mbps and some in Gbps. When it comes to NAS HDD, the speed is more important than your PC HDD. NAS streams superior quality content to other receiving devices. You must also use a fast network which is quite fast to support the transfers at the speed that HDD can offload data. If this is not the case, your spending money and time on a faster device would go in vain.


Did you try loading something in your PC and got the sound of the chassis start winding up? It could be the HDD functioning. You must know something now that the PC towers utilize acoustic tricks and cushioning to keep the sound of the fan and other noises minimum. It’s very important to choose the right NAS and also an HDD that is more on the quieter side. It’s best not to keep the NAS in a place where people would be sitting.

Power consumption

This is basically not very important because the NAS HDD has the ability to go into sleep mode when it’s not being used. The power consumption factor is very essential when you are intending to invest in an HDD for a laptop or any unit that is powered by a battery. Again, if your NAS is functioning 24/7 and if you feel like keeping a check on the energy bill, you can switch to ‘green’ choices. But, HDDs usually do not take in more power even when multiple disks are functioning in RAID. Thus, power consumption is not the matter to worry about.


You definitely know that how much important is the storage capacity of a storage device. To be honest, this is what matters the most. You might be streaming 4K and 1080p content and this means you require space to accommodate these advanced video formats. Therefore, it’s best to have a minimum of 2TB loaded in the NAS you are using.

Continuous consistency in long-term

HDDs have the capacity to run for many hours at a stretch without showing any signs of tiredness. This is basically a matter of performance but sometimes the HDD can cause the mechanical components to wear down at a faster pace and this cause data loss and cause unwanted tension. Not all NAS need a WD Red to drive to overcome this condition so you can look forward to investing if needed.  You must also remember that HDDs generate a lot of heat, an array attached to the small NAS tower can cause overheating and there could be some issues with the performance. To get rid of such situations, durability is important.


There are quite a few brands that keep in mind all the stuff and design great NAS. Do not invest promptly but take out time to read reviews and research or you can have a consultation with the experts. It is best to trust the experts and ‘Prized Reviews’ jots down the reviews and views of the experts.

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