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The Hidden Benefits of Using Valet Software for Your Business

If your business has a physical location, not every single customer you’ll have will take public transport or travel by foot to get there. Some of them will drive their way there in which case you’ll have to ensure that they can quickly secure a parking spot.

But if providing efficient parking options for drivers is the least of your priorities, your business stands to lose paying customers as well as profit. Thus, assuming you’ve already hired parking attendants to work for you, consider using valet software for your business as it can bring about the following hidden benefits:

Valet software can help your parking attendants get alerted if any of your customers would like to retrieve their vehicle.

A customer of yours would like to have their vehicle handed back to them after entrusting it to any of your parking attendants. However, they might have to approach your head valet first who will then have to check which parking attendant is available to retrieve their vehicle from its parking spot. You wouldn’t want your customer to wait too long for their car to be brought back to them.

When you use valet software, your parking attendants will directly receive text alerts from any of the customers who want their vehicles back. The piece of software will also empower your customers to choose which among your parking attendants should return their cars to them, thus eliminating the need for hiring a head valet.

Valet software lessens the need for printing paper tickets that you’ll issue to your customers after they’ve handed over their vehicles to your attendants for parking.

Printing paper tickets to issue to every customer costs money that can ultimately eat up your entire business’s budget. The waste that all those used paper tickets would generate can ruin your reputation as well, especially if your business publicly implements sustainable practices that aim to help the environment.

So instead of printing paper parking tickets, install valet software that would allow your customers to give their registered mobile number to any of your parking attendants who will then send them an e-ticket. Your business wouldn’t have to set aside a separate budget anymore for paper and thermal printer ink.

Valet software can protect your business from liability in case a dissatisfied customer files a fraudulent claim against you.

You can’t please everyone, and that applies to you and your business as well. You’ll encounter a customer who isn’t happy with your service and would do anything to tarnish your reputation – perhaps including filing a false claim alleging that one of your attendants had damaged their vehicle after handing it over for parking.

When you have valet software in place, your parking attendant can take photos of your customer’s vehicle along with any existing damages using their smartphone. You can then use those images as proof that any damages to your customer’s car were already there, thus shielding you and your parking attendants from both financial and criminal liability.

Track the performance of each of your parking attendants.

You’ll want to know which among the attendants you’ve hired to work for you has parked and returned the most number of customers’ cars so that you can consider giving them an incentive for their effort. You’ll also want to know which among them has received the most number of complaints from your customers and the details of each claim so that you can punish them accordingly or get rid of them altogether. You can do both of those with your valet software’s performance reports option where you can tally the stats of each of your parking attendants and rate them as well.


More than 3,700 American motorists who participated in a 2017 study expressed that they’d rather not drive to a particular destination to avoid the burden of looking for parking space which can consume both time and fuel. That’s bad news if your business generates more visits from driving and paying customers as opposed to those who either commute or walk their way there. So aside from employing a bunch of attendants to take care of your customers’ parking needs, you should also start using CVPS Valet Software or some similar parking management application with hidden benefits you can read above. You can thank whichever valet software you plan to use later for easing your business’s parking woes.

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