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The Importance of Reviews for your Moving Company’s SEO

When it comes to different service sectors of our economy, the companies found therein could function on wildly varying principles.

That being said, there are certain aspects of running a business-to-customer company that are the same regardless of what kind of services or products you’re offering, moving companies included.

For instance, you need to think about your business’ online representation. And that’s precisely why search engine optimization is crucial — the more people find your website organically, the more leads you’ll convert into customers.

But pulling this off is rarely simple; proper SEO strategies only work in the long term. And not only that, but they require tackling a wide array of aspects before you can be certain you’re getting the most out of your company’s website. As an example — the importance of reviews for the SEO value of your moving company cannot be overstated. And that’s precisely what we’re going to discuss here!

Customer Feedback Means More Content

These days, there are plenty of places where you can read trustworthy reviews on all kinds of companies, and that includes reviews on local moving companies, increasing the importance of reviews for your SEO efforts.

Increasingly, people find reviews on reputable aggregate websites and try to learn more before making any final decisions. However, most renowned moving companies leave options for customers to write their own reviews and feedback on their websites as well. And that’s where we find the first benefit of customer reviews for your SEO rankings — more website content.

As you may already know, Google’s SEO algorithms are increasingly more focused on the quality of website content. In the coming years, as machine learning and big data analytics become even more precise, we can expect original and insightful content to be the single biggest contributor to any website’s SEO score.

That’s why customer feedback on your site is great — it’s an excellent source of organic content. And even if it’s not a particularly glowing review of your work, this content is bound to contain some of the keywords that are related to your moving company and services, especially your location.

Obviously, all of that increases your chances of Google recognizing your company as a valid local vendor.

Edge on The Competition

As you look at all the aspects of the importance of reviews for your moving company’s SEO, there’s one crucial thing to realize. Namely, the fact that you’re not the only moving company that’s going to be focused on SEO.

It’s 2020, and even small mom-and-pop shops realize the importance of the Internet. You do not want to rest on your laurels, thinking that you’re somehow two steps ahead of everyone by sole virtue of the fact that you’ve even thought about SEO.

But simultaneously, that’s where reviews come in handy as well; they’re an oft-overlooked part of SEO. Indeed, you can bet that most of your competition will be more focused on things like search terms and website navigation. If you manage to put enough effort into utilizing reviews, you can definitely get ahead.

If you collect reviews of your moving company and structure them properly, you will have tons of content that can appear as SERPs for your customers. That’s an important part of being as visible as possible among your competitors.

Google and Reviews

In the realm of SEO, many things change basically overnight. Being an expert in this field means constantly learning and evolving at the same pace as the algorithms of major search engines. However, if there’s one thing that has definitely stood the test of time, it’s the importance of authoritative links leading back to your website.

And from a certain point of view, the same is true for excellent reviews. On this note, it’s important to understand that Google doesn’t just evaluate how well you’ve optimized your website when it assigns rankings. At the crux of the Google experience, you’ll find only one thing — user experience.

In other words, Google doesn’t want to assign a high ranking to a company that’s not high-quality and trustworthy. And that’s why positive reviews are important for your SEO positioning; they show Google that your company brings value to its target audience, and thus to search engines in general. If you manage to provide your customers with memorable high-quality services and they share their experiences online, you’ll find your way to the top of Google’s results page to be far easier.

Increased Interaction

As people who dabble in SEO mostly know, Google is known to be imprecise when it describes its ranking factors. On one hand, this is completely understandable — they don’t want to allow SEO experts to perfectly optimize every website, as that would make rankings difficult and reduce the organic nature of their user experience. On the other hand, however, there is some information that we’re definitely sure about.

And the importance of reviews for your SEO score is definitely in the latter category. When you start to develop your Google My Business page, you can even find Google’s guidelines stating that customer interaction through review responses increases your visibility.

This is because responding to your customer’s concerns and queries means that your business brings value to its niche, and thus value to Google’s users.

Reduced Bounce Rates

Finally, there’s one more positive factor that highlights the importance of reviews for your moving company’s SEO — reduced bounce rates.

If your website has a high bounce rate, you can’t really hope for extremely high SEO rankings. Such metrics signal to Google that your website does not provide enough value to your customers, and that they’re likely to go elsewhere right away.

However, reviews change all of that; studies show that people are almost 100% more likely to commit to spending money and making a purchase on a website if there are customer reviews posted by the company. In terms of moving companies, posting the positive experiences of your previous clients will show that you are trustworthy.

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