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The Ins and Outs of Tech-Related Injuries

Most people would agree that technology has changed today’s world for the better. In this day and age, loved ones can remain in contact with another even if they are a world apart, businesses can operate remotely, and patients can have doctor’s appointments from the comfort of their own home.

For all the good tech has done for the world, it does still come with its faults, sometimes quite literally. The rise of technology has also seen a surge in tech-related injuries.

Whether you want to protect yourself against these plights or you wish to find out a little bit more about them, be sure to read on.

Common Tech Injuries

Even innocent looking modern-day gadgets can cause injuries; both those of the inconsequential and serious varieties. Some of the most common conditions brought about by technology usage include:

Swiper’s Thumb

Known technically as tenosynovitis of pollicis tendons, swiper’s thumb is brought about when the muscles that extend the thumb are used too often. The thumb’s tendons are strained and, thus, the radial nerve becomes irritated. What causes this somewhat bizarre condition? Using mobile phones too often!

Tablet Bicep

Have you ever held a tablet away from your torso in a bid to see the screen a bit better? If so, then you could very well suffer from tablet bicep. This condition is caused by holding the gadget in a static position for too long. It either results in adaptive muscle shortening or an increase in one’s likelihood of developing a serious shoulder RSI.

Computer Hunch

As the name suggests, this condition is the result of poor posture while sitting at a desk using a computer. To avoid this plight, you should ensure that your computer/laptop is at eye level and that you are not looking down to see it. While you’re at it, invest in an ergonomic chair to aid your back’s natural curvature.

These are just three of the bizarre yet common injuries you could suffer by using everyday technology.

Defective Products

The difference between common tech injuries and defective products is the fact that the former occurs from technology use naturally, while the latter is caused by something going wrong during the gadget’s production process.

Defective tech products can be dangerous; there’s no doubt about that. Should a mobile phone blow up while it is in your pocket, who knows what kind of damage could be caused to your leg? For this reason, it is essential that you only ever buy technology from reputable salespeople.

If you are ever injured by a faulty or defective product, you should know that numerous parties could potentially be held liable for the injuries that you suffer. To ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve in this instance, you would have to get in touch with a personal injury attorney that deals with Defective Product cases right away. With such an expert by your side, you will stand a far better chance of winning your case.

For all the good technology does, it can still cause injury. Just remember this the next time you play around with a new gadget.

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