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The Major Causes of Delay in Projects

Project’s milestones can delay due to various factors irrespective of whether the managers are skilled or not. Such delays also cause cost overruns which affect the set budget. However, it is easy to overcome such challenges when you involve consults from CORS or any other reputable firm. Trying to stop all the projects delays is an ongoing strategy that should start all from the beginning of the project.

All projects managers ought to know the factors that cause delays before brainstorming on the solutions to tackle them.

The good news is that we have a comprehensive list of the major causes of delays in projects.

Project Complexity

All project handling professionals try to simplify it as much as possible. However, some projects are too complex to handle. Big projects with numerous segments that need to run concurrently can lead to complexity when all parts do not integrate as needed.

Complex projects can significantly increase the cost by over 30 percent, especially if planning is not taken seriously. Some government projects start to become complex from the start and may take double or triple the planned time.

Design and Technical Errors

At the beginning of any project, the stakeholders or owners will discuss what they want with projects managers. This will guide the management on who to hire and what technical skills they must bring on board. If the design has any errors, the team will end up hiring the wrong employees which can bring challenges later.

Also, the design can be right but hiring the wrong technical team will also cause delays somewhere in the process. Both design and technical errors are costly in resources like time and money.

Shareholders Disputes

For a project to sail smoothly from the start to the end, all parties involved should work in harmony. When disputes arise, then there is a big challenge that will derail the whole time frame. Some disagreements take time to resolve where in most cases the project will be paused. Common causes of disputes include inappropriate handling of funds, alteration of the project without consent from all parties and many others. The faster the disputes are solved, the better for the project.

Procurement Challenges

Procurement department has a crucial role in buying all the budgeted and approved material for the project, contracting all the labor and many other related tasks. However, the department may start handling its operation in an inappropriate way which will delay the project either immediately or after. Loss of funds, procurement of poor quality material and inappropriate allocation of tenders are some of the challenges that affect the department and consequently cause a delay in the project.

Lack of Funds

Some publications will shy away from mentioning funds as a problem that causes a delay in projects. The truth is, most projects are at a complete stop because there is no flow of funds because the granting bodies stopped supporting, the money was stolen or investors withdrew at some point.

With the above highlights, all projects managers now know what is likely to cause a delay in a project. Therefore, they can easily come up with a countermeasure strategy to prevent such challenges.

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