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Three Stages of a B2B Content Marketing Funnel

In order to promote your business online, it is essential to understand and optimize the three stages of B2B content marketing funnel.

Content marketing is the main pillar of promoting any business online. Without the right content, everything will collapse. You will not be able to communicate the strengths of your business to your target customers.

Creating your online presence is very important. And to do that, you should understand how to effectively use the three stages of a B2B content marketing funnel.

Let’s take a closer look.

Top of the Funnel: Business Awareness

In this part of the B2B content marketing funnel, the idea is to create awareness of the business.

The content you create during this stage should inform your target customers about your business and your products or services. The purpose of content in this phase is to familiarize customers with the concept and role of your business.

Blogs, infographics, and articles are the best ways to make people aware of the problems they have and the solutions that your business can provide. This stage is not just about sharing information about your business. It is also about making consumers realize what is it that they lack.

During this and all stages, keep in mind that visual content is more powerful and will remain longer with the customers.

Middle of the Funnel: Business Assessment

After consumers pass through the top stage of B2B content marketing funnel, they reach the middle stage. Once you have created awareness about your business, it is time for consumers to assess your business.

Consumers are now aware of the products/services that your business provides but they are still not ready to purchase from you.

You need to create content for this stage that separates you from your competitors. You need to emphasize the points that make you better than your competition.

Webinars, white papers, and guides will create more customer engagement. Marketers should pay more attention to this stage as this is where you create authenticity and trust in your business.

If your content is not created carefully, then your business may come across as fake.

Bottom of the Funnel: Business Sales

Once consumer engagement is created and the consumers are aware of your business, it is time to convert those leads.

This stage of B2B content marketing funnel is where the sales take place. Your content in this stage is all about convincing your target customers that purchasing from you is the best option.

The main focus in this stage is on product demonstrations, case studies, online presentations, and testimonials. One-on-one interactions and phone consultations show that you are ready with all the solutions for consumers. This also gives that extra push for consumers to trust you with their business.

Over to You

Once you understand and optimize your B2B content marketing funnel, you can derive the maximum benefit out of it.

Content marketing will not succeed overnight. It will take time, but the results will be long term. You need to keep updating your content based on industry trends and the changing needs of consumers.

You also need to evaluate the response of your target audience. This will give you more insights so that you can further optimize and improve your funnel and content.

If you want to learn more about B2B content marketing funnels, check out this infographic from UTM.io.

Author Bio: Dan McGaw is an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of UTM.io, a campaign management, and data governance tool. He is also the CEO of Effin Amazing, a marketing analytics and marketing technology agency.

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