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Tips for Posting on Instagram

Social media marketing is an umbrella term for quite a lot of things, similarly to how search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of best-practice methods to help a company gain more visibility in the search engine rankings page (SERP). It would be a good idea to look into social media marketing as a means of boosting brand exposure for a new company, as social media platforms have a way of snowballing into something much bigger.

Fortunately, there are plenty of successful companies to use as an example, as many tend to utilize social media marketing tactics that are relatively obscure. Here are just five unsung social media tactics to consider for companies old and new.

Get used to optimal posting times in any given social media platform

Considering all of the different details and plans that go into social media marketing, it is understandable for some companies to neglect a few aspects. Typically, one of the most overlooked aspects is the optimal posting time for a social media platform. Keep in mind that optimal times can vary greatly depending on the time zone, as well as the target audience. If the company is looking for traction when it comes to posting, it would be a good idea to post during the busiest times, depending on the target audience.

For example, if the company is all about selling products to teens, it would be a good idea to consider school hours. It might be better to post later in the day during weekdays and early during weekends. Finding the optimal schedule for posting can have a more significant effect than most realize.

Go for content creators that are on their way up the ladder

It is a common tactic to work with popular content creators and social media influencers to spread the message far and wide. The trouble comes with everyone having the same idea. There are only so many popular social media influencers to choose from — which means it might be best to go for those that are still working to make their mark. While it might mean that there will not be as much revenue, it will surely go up along with the popularity of the content creator.

It does not necessarily guarantee that the content creator will eventually gain enough popularity to make a dent, but a bit of experience goes a long way. Most skilled companies can tell which influencers are on their way up — all it takes is a bit of experience with the platform.

Make use of video content!

There are some businesses in video streaming websites that are gaining popularity — even if their line of work is about as far from the medium as it gets. For example, there is a YouTube channel gaining popularity as a doctor reacts to various doctors portrayed in the media, letting viewers know the accuracy of the shows and games in question. The same thing goes with lawyers trying to do the same thing, and experiencing plenty of success.

The use of video content is there not just to potentially make it big, but to help bridge the gap between the company and those that might prefer videos to blogs and articles. Video content shared around a social media platform is a great way to boost brand exposure.

Learn how to schedule posts in advance

Depending on the nature of the business, there are likely plenty of things planned days or even weeks in advance. Depending on the plans, there could be a relevant post that the company can use to help sell the content, though it can be challenging to always post on the dot. Planning to schedule posts in advance can be a relief for many business owners, especially those that might not be able to easily delegate social media responsibilities to their staff. Scheduling posts in advance with an app or software like Postoplan ensures that things remain at a consistent pace.

Speaking of consistency, it should be number one on the priority list. Remaining consistent with posts is something that most supporters tend to expect from their favored companies and online stores. If a company is inconsistent when it comes to posting on social media, it will rarely gain any traction, as no-one knows when to expect the posts. A company that provides subpar services but consistent social media marketing posts will likely be much more popular than a business providing quality services but inconsistent posting schedules.

Understand the various strengths of social media platform

For companies looking for the most basic experience when it comes to social media marketing, Facebook would be the perfect platform. It allows companies to get used to various social media marketing tactics and helps prepare them for other channels. Twitter benefits from posts that are short, sweet, and relatable. YouTube benefits from optimized videos, so if the company has a habit of utilizing videos, YouTube is the perfect platform. As stated above, quality social media marketing strategies require experience to pull off — something that can be expedited with the help of a Minneapolis social media agency. No matter the social media marketing campaign, there is always a preferred platform that will benefit the most from the endeavor.

If there is one thing about social media that remains consistent, it is that the medium will never go out of style. Social media has become as crucial to most people as eating and sleeping, which means companies looking to raise brand recognition can utilize social media platforms to the fullest extent. It will not take long for any business to get used to the swing of things — all it takes is a bit of experience.

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