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Tips To Avoid Being Distracted While Studying Online

With the flexibility to easily manage your studies at your own time and pace, online education is the perfect option for many people working simultaneously or having other commitments. In recent times, online education has seen a significant rise in popularity, and as we move on to more technological advancements, the need for offline learning environments is diminishing. Many students now opt to study online with the convenience that it provides rather than attending school in-person.

However, as convenient as it is, online education has its fair share of pitfalls as well – distraction being at the top of the list. No matter how hard we try, we somehow end up scrolling through Instagram or going down the rabbit hole of watching random videos on YouTube.

It’s true; studying online in the comfort of your home is not as easy as it seems. With the freedom that comes with remote learning, it isn’t easy to maintain focus and discipline. Being in a classroom helps you block out unnecessary distractions and takes away the urge to wander off. With the internet literally at your fingertips, it’s very convenient to ditch research on a pending assignment and put it on Netflix.

With that said, avoiding distractions while enrolled in an online program is not as hard as you think. Here are six simple tips to get yourself back on track.

Create a study routine for yourself

This age-old trick is especially beneficial for people enrolled in postgrad and higher qualifications such as a master’s degree or online edd and doctorate programs. The chances are that you’re pursuing the course alongside a full-time job; hence having a well-planned schedule is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Create a proper routine for yourself, allocating tie for study-related tasks and other personal and professional commitments. It would be best to follow the schedule to the T and avoid falling back on important deadlines and making a mess out of the whole situation. You can use a daily planner to note down your daily routine and tasks. Suppose you’re tech-savvy, which you probably are since you’re enrolled in an online degree. In that case, Google Calendar is an excellent choice. Having a set plan to follow will help you stray away from any distractions.

Set your phone aside or on DND

Let’s face it; our mobile phone is our biggest distraction when it comes to doing practically anything with dedication. With your smartphone being next to you, you will be compelled to check it from time to time and spend hours on it doing absolutely nothing but scrolling down the newsfeed.

To avoid this distraction while studying, it is best to put it as far away from yourself as possible. Or put it on the Do Not Disturb mode to avoid unnecessary notification pings. With your phone on silent mode and away from you, you won’t be compelled to check it every time it beeps. Nor will you be willing to get and walk a distance to grab it.

Keep your workspace clean

We all have heard the saying: a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. And believe us, this is true to the core! If your study space is cluttered with random papers, mugs, and trash, it will be harder for you to focus while studying. A clean environment is conducive to healthy studying habits and will motivate you to be more productive on your current tasks. You won’t have to sift through trash to find an essential piece of stationery or a sticky note on which you’ve jotted down some key points for learning.

Give yourself time to relax

Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end can be a very draining process, both mentally and physically. To be honest, it’s not even healthy for your eyes, neck, and back in the long run.

It is essential to give yourself a break from constant exposure to a screen and take time to relax. Set a time in your daily schedule to take a breather during which you can do whatever you like – including tending to all the notifications you missed on your phone. You can eat, watch movies or TV shows, play video games, and even take a nap. The process will help you revitalize yourself when you decide to hit the books – or screen – after the break.

Reward yourself

It can be quite challenging to focus while being in your home’s comfort and resisting the temptation to desert your study routine for random things. But you can make quick work of this problem b setting milestones and reward yourself accordingly. Set a goal to avoid certain activities until you’ve completed an assignment or assessment, and then treat yourself once you succeed.

Rewarding yourself for doing a task, like completing an essay, without touching your phone can be quite exhilarating. Who knows, you might actually complete the task before the allotted time. Incentives are excellent motivators and significantly increase productivity. The reward can be anything you like – a nap, a cup of coffee, or even an episode of a series you’re currently binge-watching. Don’t cheat, though.

Find yourself a place where you can focus

There are plenty of distractions, like unnecessary noise or family disruptions. To ensure that you aren’t distracted, you should find yourself a place that will limit these distractions and help you keep your focus on your studies. With no unnecessary distractions coming your way, you will surely be able to get your work done on time.


All in all, staying focused and not distracted while studying online is challenging but not impossible. Distractions are part of our life, but you can avoid them and be as productive as you can be with these simple tips. With some effort, determination, and a little self-restraint, you can easily avoid being distracted while studying online. So the next time you find yourself being distracted while doing an assignment or taking an online class, test out these tips and see for yourself the wonders they do.

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