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Tips to Improve Your Web Design in 2023, 2024

Need to improve the web design of your website?  Do you want a web page that helps you convert visitors into customers? A large number of website users doesn’t mean you are going to get a large number of clients.

Web design is an activity that lies in the implementation, planning, and design of a web page. In this post, we want to give you some ideas that must be taken into consideration when improving your web design.

What you should know to improve your web design

Web design is one of the main principles of all businesses on the Internet. With poor design, it is very likely that our website goes unnoticed, the navigation is not comfortable or the users do not have confidence in this page.

Many older websites have serious issues

  • You created the website a long, long time ago, but it is not up to date. It has an old design and is not effective to convert visits into sales.
  • You have a web page that is not suitable for your purpose on the Internet. For example, you want to sell directly throughout the United States, but users cannot make a direct purchase on your page. You have a corporate website and what you need is an online store.
  • You have a website more or less updated, that loads very slowly. The images load very slow, you need to improve the loading speed and the homepage is not very optimized for the user. For that, you need to do technical tasks that may be complicated if you do not know much about programming.

What you should also understand is the value of effective SEO friendly website design. You need a good web design to help you sell on the Internet.

What tips can be put into place to improve the web design of your business website?

Benefits of improving your web design

The first thing should be to evaluate in what condition your website is in.  You should know where you are and where you want to go. Some things to address are:

  • Your design is old and deficient.
  • You have a few visits to your website.
  • The page has programming errors.
  • Loading is slow.

Most would like an attractive web design consistent with business objectives. Many times, simply changing the design of a website can result in increased page visitors.

What happens after improving web design?

  • The user can feel more comfortable navigating and spends more time looking at your page.
  • It is easier to find what we are looking for.
  • The user has a clear vision of what to do. There is a clear call to action and better conversion (ask for a budget, buy a product, etc.)
  • Google takes into account improvements, which if done well will help the page load faster and will help reduce bounce rate.

The bounce rate (the percentage of users who leave your website in just 1 second or do not click on anything) is one of the factors that Google takes into account to position your page.

Is it enough to improve just web design for my page to convert?

Improving web design is a factor that influences the conversion rate of your website, but it is not the only one. There are other aspects that can be important, such as, reaching the right people through an SEO positioning strategy on Google.


If your page is not well-positioned, it is very likely that you will receive fewer visits. It is essential to analyze competition, see the keywords for which you could try to position yourself and develop an SEO and content strategy aimed at occupying the top positions of Google.

Here are some tips to improve SEO:

  • Analyze the necessary keywords for the positioning of your page.
  • Review the internal SEO of your website to align them with the keywords we have chosen.
  • Create content both in the blog of the website and in external pages.
  • Create internal and external links in a controlled and efficient way to increase the relevance of your site.
  • Work on social networks so that your project has more mentions and can obtain greater recognition among users.
  • If your business is local, add your listing on various directories like Google business so that your listing and website can be found on maps (for example, web designer in egypt).

Here are some tips to improve your web design in 2023, 2024

Have a professional logo

Your logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it is located in an important place on your website. Use a high-resolution image and place it on the top of each of your pages. In addition, it is a good rule to link your logo to your home page, so that visitors can easily navigate it.


One of the most important things you should consider when creating a website is coming up with a design, and this is done through branding. Make sure that aesthetic elements, such as color scheme, logo, and typefaces, are memorable and coherent. This makes designing easier on your end, as you need to stick to your “statement” and “style”.

Use intuitive navigation

Main navigation options are usually displayed in a horizontal [menu] bar at the top of the website. It can provide secondary navigation options at the bottom of the main navigation bar, or on the left margin of the page known as the sidebar.


Consistency means that all pages have a common general structure.  This affects both the ease of navigation, as well as the colors, fonts, styles, and registers. It says a lot about the company image.

Organization of content

Organize content so that it looks as attractive as possible. For good web design, write short paragraphs, sections with large headings, use a language that is easy to understand for your ideal audience, create logical and easily deductible categories and allow access to the desired material with the minimum possible amount of clicks.

It’s your content thаt will соnvinсе уоur viѕitоrѕ. Answer their quеѕtiоnѕ. Tо еnѕurе сеrtаin dуnаmiѕm tо your site, уоu will have tо fееd it regularly with nеw соntеntѕ, varied аnd uѕеful for уоur target. Add аt lеаѕt оnе nеwѕ ѕесtiоn tо уоur site аnd plan timе аnd resources tо соmрlеtе it each mоnth.

Use appropriate colors

The color is fundamental in the web pages, but colors have a meaning for people, and the use of the wrong color can have a bad connotation if you’re not careful. Websites are, by their very nature, international.

Even if you intend that your page is in a certain country or location that will be seen by other people. And so you should be aware of what the color options you use on your website. When you create your color scheme for your website take into account the color symbolism.

Social Proof

Use testimonials so that your potential clients have more reason to trust your company. Try to include these testimonials on the home page so that users can see it the first time they visit your website.

Company page

Like the testimonials, “Who we are” page gives a point of confidence to your website. Allow your visitors to know who is behind the company.

In addition, the use of individual team pages gives you the opportunity to rank in search engines when users search for those names specifically.


Mobile-friendly web pages are now ranked higher in the search results for mobile devices.  And there is a good reason for that. Google wants users to have a good experience when they browse a website.  If you do not have a mobile version of your page or a responsive website you will be missing many conversion opportunities.

Your website should be compatible across multiple devices, especially because we’re living in a generation where almost everyone has more than two devices. Don’t test your mobile version speed with a desktop tester, though, as you will get inaccurate results. Make sure all of your website’s elements can load completely and fast in mobile versions and that your content can be viewed well by your audiences.

Internal links

If redesigning a wеbѕitе inсludеѕ сhаngеѕ tо thе page structure, it iѕ аdviѕаblе to ensure that аll project ѕubраgеѕ аrе рrореrlу linked. Thеѕе internal linkѕ represent a powerful SEO tool аnd are essential fоr indеxing a wеbѕitе. These links аrе thе mаin factors оf referencing wеbѕitеѕ. Evеn a page whose content iѕ of nо intеrеѕt can hаvе a gооd referencing if its intеrnаl linkѕ рrоvidе a gооd rероrt. Indexing robots uѕе thе internal link ѕtruсturе оf a website tо highlight it. Wеll thought-out internal linkѕ can bе thе kеу tо rеdеѕigning a wеbѕitе.

Do not let your website users reach a dead end. All pages should contain a link or contact form. The homepage should link to all others. It is also a good idea to include the name of the landing page in the link so that the user knows where they are going to go once they click. Keep visitors always moving.

Page speed

If you do not do anything to improve your web design, you should make them load as quickly as possible.

Remember that one of the most attractive things a website should have is good and reliable speed, but this isn’t something that can be accomplished by your server only. You should make sure your website settings and codes are optimized for good loading speeds. For example, try to lay off the CSS and Flash unless extremely necessary, and try to condense your codes whenever possible. This also makes it easier for Google and other search engines to identify whether or not particular aspects of your website are “important.”

Use small images

Small images improve download speed. Web designers should create web pages with optimized images.

CSS sprites are also a very important way to speed up your site images. If you have several images that are used in several pages on your site (such as navigation icons or your logo), you can use sprites to cache the images so they do not need to be re-downloaded on the second page to your customers.

No broken links

Broken links are another sign for many readers (and search engines, too) that a site is not maintained.  Why would anyone want to stay in a place that even the owner does not care about it?  It’s important to use a correct HTML validator to help you check out the older pages of broken links.

If a wеbѕitе redesign invоlvеѕ migration tо аnоthеr domain or the сrеаtiоn of new URLs, thе administrator muѕt еnѕurе thаt users can find thе content раgеѕ соrrеѕроnding to thе old ѕitе or old аrtiсlеѕ. Therefore, it iѕ nесеѕѕаrу tо еnѕurе thаt Internet uѕеrѕ who соntinuе tо uѕе the old URLѕ аrе rеdirесtеd permanently tо раgеѕ with 301 rеdirесtѕ.

Do you want to improve the web design of your company website and, at the same time, continue working in other areas so that your website is well positioned on different search engines? Relax and hire a web design agency to handle all the hard work for you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ll be able to improve your web design in no time at all!

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