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Top 3 Places To Buy Used iPhones For Cheap!

Do you want to buy a used iPhone for cheap?  Maybe you’re sick of your android smartphone or simply want to upgrade from the flip-phone-generation and onto an iPhone.  In whichever situation you may be in, buying a used iphone doesn’t have to be expensive.

Most people think of eBay, or Amazon when they look for a used iPhone, however there are many other options available for acquiring and purchasing a used iPhone.

When you are ready to buy buy a used iPhone, it’s important that you identify what model you want.  If you don’t nail down exactly what model you want, you might be confused and buy the wrong model.  However when you have your exact iPhone model selection made, you know what you want, and you’re ready to find a used iPhone for sale.

The following options listed below are just a few possible options on buying a used iPhone for cheap.  We will explain each method and some tips to keep in mind!

IMEI Checker Pro

Before buying a phone, you should make sure it’s legit.  Download IMEI Checker Pro to check if a phone has been blacklisted or stolen!  If you are buying from a 3rd party, ask them to send you proof that the phone is clean.


It says it all in its name, this website is a great site for buying used iPhones.  Many times the prices on BuyUsediPhone.co are better than eBay and Amazon.  Those are viable options, however because of the many people buying and selling on eBay, the price is raised via bidding.  When more people competing for one phone the demand drives up the price.  This is also evident on Amazon’s marketplace.  However if you’re wanting good price on a used iPhone, BuyUsediPhone.co is a great option!  Check them out here:  Buy Used iPhone. You can also trust BuyUsediPhone.co as they are BBB Certified and hold an actual location in Oregon and Washington, USA.  They are also PayPal verified and ship orders within 24 business hours.

#2 Craigslist.org

If you are willing to take the risk of dealing locally with people when buying a used iPhone, Craigslist.org can be very helpful!  All you do is head to the website and search for the desired model that you want.  For example, if you want to buy an iPhone 4, you would search “iPhone 4.”  You then see all the possible local listings.  You need to be careful using this website because there are many scams that go on, however if you can contact a real person in the area and meet them, you will most likely get a better deal than eBay and Amazon.  However BuyUsediPhone.co can offer a safer solution at a price that would be close to exactly what you could expect with a Craigslist local deal.  In the end it doesn’t matter where you buy it from, as long as you get the phone you want at the price you can afford.

#3 Facebook groups

A new way of buying used iPhones has emerged.  It involves Facebook.  If you search for groups around your area, you can find a group that has people from around your area.  You can then post a simple wanted ad, or browse the local Facebook group listings.  This can be a very good way of finding a cheap used iphone to buy, however you are dealing with people at a local standpoint and scams can and do happen.  Be careful and the risk is your own when dealing locally in any way.

If you are looking for a used iPhone for a cheap price, you can either browse your local classified, post a wanted ad on your local classifieds, or check the local newspaper classifieds.  However, if you find a iPhone locally and are willing to take the risk of meeting someone you have never met or know, dealing locally can yield in a better deal!

Thank you for reading these buy used iphone tips!

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