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Top 5 IT Solutions Sites For Your Online Business Needs

Making money online has gained popularity over the years, even until now. Today, Amazon is one of the major platforms to sell online. With an assortment of tools and websites to support, small businesses have thrived. Although you get the basic tools from the Amazon website, they are not quite enough.

To make a bigger profit, it is a must to use seller tools. With third-party Amazon seller tools, they improve every aspect of selling on Amazon.

Here is a list of the top 5 IT solutions sites and their tools:


When you are a seller, Amazon pays you every 14 days. For some, this could be inconvenient. Factoring or payouts at earlier frequencies are managed with the website Payability. With the website, you can get daily payouts for the products that you sell. Immediate access to cash would help any business expand and grow. Regular cash flow can help you manage your business and pay your bills on schedule.


The latest FBA selling that Amazon promotes has enabled sellers to gain more. In this, sellers send their products to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centres. The product is then packed and shipped by Amazon.

Once Amazon receives the products, you would be able to track them online. There are third-party tools available to send you alerts when the stock is low. These tools help to stay on top of the FBA storage and fulfillment fees. Understanding FBA selling tools can help you succeed at your business. The tool Freightos allows Amazon seller to calculate imported freight cost.


Finding the profitable products is one of the challenges for an Amazon seller. Websites like Sonar offer help to identify the best keywords to gain more on Amazon. You can also calculate your profits to check out the potential of the product. Well-researched keywords derive more sales. There are also options to check out your competitor’s SEO listings and the profit that they make.


When you start, it is tough to record the shipping details and manage your orders. The Seller central dashboard on Amazon gives only basic options. Shipping management websites offer more features and support. To save money and time, using a shipping tool is ideal. Streamline your in-house orders with an efficient tool. For any startup on Amazon that sells less than 50 products per month, Ordoro offers a free shipping plan with advanced inventory features.

Genius Feedback

Every seller would like to know genuine feedback for their products and sales. Personalized emails and feedback request forms have proved to yield more response. All buyers from Amazon would receive feedback once the transaction is completed but the response rate is often low.
Most people decide on what product to buy based on the feedback and reviews on Amazon.

Websites like Genius Feedback offer a tool that every seller can use. If you have a low volume, the service is free.  

Wrapping it up, to be successful on Amazon as a seller, sound knowledge and understanding are essential. Driving higher sales, profits, and efficiency could help create a better business online.

With the right mix of tools and efficiency, your Amazon seller profile would get its winning streak. Third party seller tools are a boon to anyone who wants to make more from their online business.

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