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Top 5 Smart Gadgets for a Smart House 2023, 2024

Anyone who has interacted with technology can attest to just how incredible home automation can get. With the right technology, it only takes the touch of a button, and every gadget in your house will work seamlessly to give you the most reliable and convenient experience.

It can only be achieved by investing in the best smart devices in the market. With the countless scientific and technological inventions coming up every single day, it has become challenging to choose the ideal smart device for your home. With these five smart gadgets, you will never go wrong when it comes to setting up your smart house.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Owning a robotic vacuum cleaner is a thought that hasn’t yet crossed the minds of many people. Most people are still comfortable with having to pull out their large vacuum cleaners and do all the cleaning chores manually. Apparently, with a robotic vacuum cleaner, every floor-cleaning duty is taken care of while you sit back and relax. A robotic vacuum is a smart device that comes with an intelligent navigation system, dirt sensors, powerful suction, and remote operation capabilities.

Rather than having to push your full-sized vacuum around, a robot vacuum automatically propels itself around, sucking any dirt it detects. Its navigation system does a great job at preventing it from bumping into obstacles or falling off edges. If you want your house cleaned later, you can easily schedule your robotic vacuum to clean even if you won’t be at home at that time.

Unlike a full-sized vacuum, which is hard to carry up the stairs, the robot vacuum weighs much less than 6 pounds and can be carried with ease for cleaning homes with multiple levels. The best robotic vacuums have a battery life of at least 30 minutes as well as the auto-charge feature that lets it move to its charging dock whenever a low battery level is detected. As much as a robotic vacuum is more expensive as compared to regular vacuums, it is undoubtedly the ideal addition to your smart house.

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Smart Thermostat

Temperature regulation is essential especially for homes located in geographical regions that experience extremely cold and hot seasons. While it may seem easy enough to turn the fans, AC, or heaters on whenever they are needed, a thermostat is a much more comfortable, faster, and reliable option.

A regular thermostat lets you set a particular temperature that you want to be maintained. On the other hand, a smart thermostat will learn your home’s heating and cooling habits and customize a personalized plan for you. The thermostat is usually Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, which allows remote control, scheduling, adjusting settings and monitoring via a mobile app or control panel. This thermostat can also be scheduled to trigger heating or cooling of your home later so that you can walk into a house with the perfect temperature levels or you can keep enjoying your sleep instead of waking up at night to turn the heater on. You need to get a smart thermostat and start enjoying a warm or cool home as per your desire.


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Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs may seem useless at first because they look just like your regular light bulb. However, when you come to think of their functionality, you get to understand how and why they have become a necessity in this modern era. First, a smart bulb has the capability of changing colors, which makes it possible to set the right mood for your home at any time.

Then comes the ability to control it via a mobile app or remote control, which lets you control your entire home’s lighting at the click of a button, even when you are away from home. Some smart bulbs can even turn on whenever someone walks into the room and turn off when someone walks out of the room. Not only is this feature very convenient, but it also saves on power consumption.

Some of these smart bulbs also come with inbuilt speakers, so you can enjoy your favorite genre of music with high-quality sound coming from your light bulb. Smart bulbs can also be scheduled to switch on or off, or even change color at a particular time, which is more convenient than having to turn all your switches on or off manually.

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Smart Security Camera

Security cameras have been around for the longest time ever, and they have significantly improved our security. Smart security cameras, which are more advanced options, have also found their way into the market and they have captured the attention of many buyers and homeowners. A smart security camera is much more than your regular camera; it befits the status of a virtual intelligence system. Apart from taking clear pictures and videos, a smart security camera also comes with motion and light sensors. Whenever movement or light changes are detected, its lens moves and starts recording. Some of them even have night vision technology, which allows them to record even in very dim lighting.

These security cameras are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, and they can transmit their video recordings in real-time, and you can see whatever is happening at your home without having to be there. The greatest thing about smart security cameras is the fact that it can be connected to your home’s security system to trigger an alarm or to turn the lights on automatically whenever an intruder is detected. This is such a great addition to making your home more secure.

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Smart Doorknob

A smart doorknob is another wise security measure that needs to be embraced by more people in this age and era. Since most of us don’t spend the whole day at home, we need a foolproof system that will warn us whenever intruders try to break into our homes and also scare them off.

While they may not be as common, smart doorknobs come with great technologies that enable keyless operation such that you only need to type a special code or scan your fingerprints to get in. These knobs can be connected to your home security system so that it triggers an alarm whenever an intruder tries to break-in. In addition to your security cameras, the smart doorknobs should also be part of your home security system.


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Purchasing the best smart gadgets for your home is one thing and getting them to work together seamlessly is another. Therefore, in addition to the above smart gadgets, you will need to have a high-quality smart home hub, also known as the virtual smart home assistant.

The best smart home assistant options include the Google Home, Apple Siri, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Alexa. With such an intelligent system, your whole home will be accessible to you at just a click away. Before investing in any of these, you must carry out thorough research and find gadgets and systems that work best for you. Doing so will reduce the number of instances where you regret purchasing a smart gadget especially since most are costly.

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