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Top 6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid that Will Affect Your Google Rankings

We all know how much search engine optimization is important for gathering free organic traffic. However, sometimes people without knowing to apply lousy SEO practices that can destroy your search engine rankings.

Bad SEO is basically outdated or outside of the Google guidelines practices that will send a message to search engines that your website is not optimized, and they will not push your content in search results.

That is why it is very important to avoid such things and always implicate the best SEO strategy. In this article, we will go through some of the SEO mistakes to avoid, just to get a better idea of what search engines do not appreciate.

Plagiarized content

Duplicated or plagiarized content is the worst thing you can do on your blog. If you plan on copying content from another source, it is better if you stop what you are doing since your website will never succeed.

Search engines like Google have strict rules to follow, and avoiding duplicated content is one of the most important ones. There is a good reason for that. Search engines already have that content in their index, so there is no reason for them to index your web page since it does not offer additional value to readers.

Guest posting only for links

Since having links on other websites that lead to yours is a good sign for SEO, it can go the other way if it is done wrong. There are a lot of people who use guest posting just to get backlinks to their website. However, if it is done cheaply, it can affect your website rankings.

It is very important to add backlinks to your page just on high-quality websites from your niche.

High-quality content

This is, without a doubt the most important thing on a website. Even if it does not affect your search engine rankings, people will stop visiting your website if you offer low-quality content without any value to them.

There are some rules to follow when you are writing your content. Try to create an article structure, add few external links from great sources, write content without mistakes, and offer some kind of value to users. These are some of the things that you should follow if you want to achieve better rankings. Also, if you allow guest posting on your website, make sure to approve only the content that meets your guidelines.

Displaying too many ads

We all want to make money as fast as possible, but sometimes that can have negative effects in the long-term. Displaying too many ads on your website is also a red flag for Google’s algorithm and will affect your SEO. After some time, if Google recognizes that you have too many ads on your website, you will see a decrease in traffic.

Low-performing website

Since you want to achieve better rankings, you need to create the ultimate experience for users. This means that you should design a website that is performing well in the real world. Loading speed is also critical to SEO. You should aim for a loading speed of less than 4 seconds, and 24/7 availability in order to reach a higher ranking.

Your website performance can be affected by the design of your website or your hosting provider. So make sure you’ve done your homework before publishing your site.

Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes people get carried away by the keyword targeting, and they lose their sense of the text message. Stuffing articles with unnecessary keywords for the sake of better keyword strategy is a very bad SEO practice.

This will show search engines that you are trying to manipulate their algorithms, which can definitely affect your website rankings. It would be as if horse jockeys used illicit drugs to improve their horse’s performance and increase their chances of obtaining a podium in the Breeders Cup’s results.

These are some of the SEO practices you should definitely avoid in order to achieve better search engine rankings. Since SEO is very important for the success of your blog, you should take your time and do a lot of research before coming up with the right SEO strategy.

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