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Top 8 Habits of Successful IT Investors and Business Managers

When you look at the behavior of top-performing investors and IT moguls, there’s one trait that they all seem to have in common – the propensity to sustain herculean corporate efforts even in the face of adversity. At the root of this attribute is the impressive ability to continue chasing a vision through 80-hour work weeks even though they could easily afford to retreat to retirement on a private island.

While most average civilians are complaining that they have to endure 40-hour work weeks, somewhere in the world there’s a multi-millionaire who didn’t sleep last night because he stayed up to finish a project that he could’ve postponed but chose not to.

Think about the companies that have risen to the top of the stock market and become global giants during the 21st century, like Google, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and Facebook — they’re all IT-related business that started out as seemingly ridiculous pipe dreams.

Yet, despite having to spearhead revolutionary ideas that were once viewed as nothing more than the fantasies of tech nerds, the innovators behind those companies still managed to defy the odds by becoming household names.

If you want to develop “what it takes” to accomplish a similar feat, start by adopting the following eight habits of super successful IT investors and business managers.

Read Industry Publications and Newsletters

In most professions, you’re able to study for a degree over the course of 2-4 years and then operate for the rest of your career based on what you learned in school. Entrepreneurs in the IT space need to view education as a part of everyday life, because technological advancement and new trends can quickly render a firm obsolete or ineffective if ignored. Following a newsletter like Money Map Report is the best way to stay in the loop about investments. This newsletter is easy to recommend because it’s been providing investment advice and info for years and yet a quick search reveals there are very few Money Map Report complaints online.

Start Working Early

Studies have proven that humans tend to do their most productive and efficient work during the morning hours. While some people view themselves as night owls and prefer to work nocturnally, if you want to make it to the top of the corporate ladder, you’ll want to get into a scheduled routine that starts before the sun rises. Consistency is great for productivity, so try to do roughly the same thing every morning. You can get inspiration in this regard by studying the morning routines of successful people.

Act on a Same-Day Basis

The only difference between a procrastinator and an over-achiever is that the latter takes action without hesitation. When you come up with a great idea, instead of just writing it down and shoving it aside for a later date, immediately determine the first three steps required to make it happen and at least get started on those steps within one day. If those three steps are too much to do in a day, then at least do the first. The point is, don’t delay the initial action for more than 24 hours.

Devote Time to Skill Building

A great business manager knows that there’s always room for improvement. The more you’re capable of doing for yourself, the less you have to spend on outsourcing and the more control you have over everything. Focus on becoming a better writer, web developer, and leader. Investing time in building these attributes will make you the type of person that investors and employees will want to get behind.

Participate in Public Discourse on Social Media

Being active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will help you promote brand awareness and extend your network. While it’s wise to stay away from political arguments and other sensitive topics, it’s good to have a visible public presence. Of course, amidst the status updates and opinionated tweets, you can also throw in an indirect promotion or link from time to time, so it’s an easy way to boost marketing efforts in your spare time.

Practice Detailed Time Management

Did you know that Elon Musk and Bill Gates both break down their daily schedules into 5-minute segments? Many successful entrepreneurs have stated that precise and strict time management is essential, especially when you’re trying to bring a challenging achievement into fruition within the IT sector.

Track and Test New Trends and Techniques

Being an innovator doesn’t just mean that you invent your own solutions, it also means you adopt to new technologies before the competition. Anyone who is conducting business at a high level should stay on top of world affairs, particularly those related to your industry. Fortunately, this is very easy to do thanks to the abundance of news blogs on the web. However, to reiterate the advice given in tip #3 above, it’s important to not only read about new trends but also to take advantage of them in a way that produces tangible results instead of just nice ideas.

Set Challenging and Specific Goals

An average business owner will plan based on what they think is realistic, whereas an elite entrepreneur only strives towards the most optimal outcome. Be very specific about what you’re trying to achieve on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis, and use precise deadlines to make sure those goals are achieved in a reasonable amount of time.

Developing a Mindset That Is Conducive to Success

Although you might not buy into the overhyped cliché that “mindset is everything,” it certainly does play a major role. Becoming successful in the IT space requires an outlook that balances the right amount- of optimism, pessimism, and realism. Ultimately, reaching your full potential can only be done when you’ve adapted to the pressure enough to have a high stress threshold. If doing business at a high-level every week stresses you out and leaves you feeling drained, you should start looking into striking a better work-life balance by focusing on topics like time management and self-improvement.

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