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Top 9 Apps to Increase the Business Productivity

Whether you need to schedule employee meetings or provide customers with quick appointment scheduling for your beauty business services, mobile applications are the answer.

However, numerous firms have the misconception that apps do not make a substantial difference in day-to-day purchases. This is absolutely inaccurate.

Although you may not be able to see the immediate benefits, mobile apps maintain operations, website services, and other activities in plentiful ways.

No matter if you’re facing challenges in payments, managing customers, Salon Marketing, or staying trendy, mobile apps get you covered.

Many apps can assist you with smart app working tactics, which might be crucial for significant achievement. However, it is dependent on the type of business you run and your goals.

Effective Beauty Business Apps


Salonist is an innovative yet strong CRM-based Salon Booking Software that allows customers to book and schedule appointments at their convenience. This software is right for meeting everything from saving time to boosting ROI and enhancing brand recognition.

Salonist software has some interesting features that might help you increase your brand’s efficiency. These include:

  • SMS Management
  • Membership Booking
  • Appointment Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Client Profile Management
  • Location Management
  • Calendar Sync
  • Inventory Management
  • Reward Points


Vagaro is a mobile app that provides services such as a salon and spa search engine in various locations. As a web-based platform, it aims to support everyone from small businesses to major corporations, retaining existing clients while attracting new ones.

All spa and salon businesses can use the Vagaro app to register, establish a profile, advertise their services, and schedule appointments.

Also, Vagaro software allows businesses to promote their management capabilities and services.

Other things that can be exhibited include:

  • Daily deals, sales, or discounts
  • Monitor client retention, sales, payroll, in-house management, and so on
  • Equipment management
  • Notifications and alerts to remind customers about their upcoming appointments



Zenoti software is specially crafted for businesses including spas, fitness centres, salons, and med spas.

Zenoti is a robust, secure, and comprehensive app that provides all of the tools needed to help firms manage and develop.

Users can effortlessly manage online appointments, accept virtual check-ins, and market to clients for promotions.

The app also includes POS and other tools that allow you to manage payment and billing procedures.

Additional benefits offered by the Zenoti app include:

  • Recurring packages and fixed memberships
  • Predictive analytics for business performance check
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • Financial reports

Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


CloudApp is known for capturing and recording visual screens while communicating. Furthermore, businesses can effectively increase interaction quality with CloudApp.

Mostly, team meetings include essential topics and discussions that may be required to remember for further need.

CloudAp may be used to take screenshots, comment on any content, and retrieve and exchange files through cloud services, and so on.

Furthermore, it increases business productivity by reducing the time and effort required to type and send emails, schedule calls, and exchange data.


Every entrepreneur or new business has a daily to-do list that includes writing files, taking notes, and creating summaries. Furthermore, some of us feel it is tiring and time-consuming and prefer making digital documents.

Additionally, some of us find it exhausting and time-consuming and prefer to create digital papers instead.

Here, the Bear app can be leveraged to making notes and advanced tools and features are also offered to manage the data your way.

Using hashtags to organize notes makes it straightforward, and the app’s versatility allows you to create everything including notes to write-ups and essays.

Bear not only has excellent writing functionality, but it also has attractive fonts and themes to complement your company’s vision.


If you’re looking for innovative spreadsheets that can add value to your business and its efficacy, look no further. Airtable is the app that lets businesses efficiently schedule, plan, update, collaborate, and share spreadsheets in the form of artwork.

Other features include date and time customization, checkboxes, media storage, attachment dropboxes, URL connecting, and more.

Airtable’s features are quite functional, and it offers a lot of amazing features and resources that make it a must-have for your company.

Apps to Increase Healthcare Business Productivity


IntakeQ app allows the healthcare service providers to seamlessly update the patient’s details and need for services before the patient arrives for their appointment.

Your patients can self-book their first appointment and provide a credit card to hold the appointment.

Patients who finish the sign-up form will get digital screening documents to successfully complete it right away.


QuiqMeds is a smartphone app that lets you fill prescriptions on the go by securely automating the ordering, monitoring, acquiring, delivering, and invoicing operations.

The QuiqMeds app has quite a comprehensive POS solution that enables health service providers to accept patient deductibles from anywhere. Simultaneously, this customer payment method simplifies the checkout procedure.

Commerce Sync

Using Commerce Sync, accounting software can be linked to Square sales transactions. When you turn on Commerce Sync, it begins seamlessly transferring your sales data to Square for online devices.

When all of the company data has been migrated digitally, you can quickly collect statistics from your payroll system to track the business’s ROI. You’ll be rather productive and will be able to focus more on patient care if you keep your sales and ROI in one system.

Wrapping Up

The apps are beneficial to offer both customers and staff with simplified experience. Of course, employees get to know their daily tasks with easy and accessible mobile apps. Furthermore, when it comes to exchanging schedules, mobile apps can effortlessly do the task.

So there you have it: the top 9 applications for increasing productivity in various industries. Hope this write up will assist you in selecting the appropriate app for your business and its objectives. Thanks for reading!!

Author Bio: Zin Lang has been a  manager at Salonist since 2017. Her passion for helping people in business management through the expert industry coverage she provides. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest posts.

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