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Top Best 3D Combat Car Racing Games

The recent surge in combat car racing games has attracted lot of eyeballs. Here people are installing these best 3D combat car racing games on their smartphone & desktops and spending hours daily to level up in the game.

While there is number of options available for these car racing games, here we have selected top best 3D combat car racing games for you.

Clash for Speed

Clash for Speed is one of the best vehicular combat car racing games in 2018 that offers a thrilling experience to gamers. This powerful game offers state-of-the-art cars, weaponry and more to enhance your gaming experience. It comes loaded with multiple game environments, pre-defined tracks, upgradable battle cars, 10 types of deadly weapons, upgradable tires, on-road & off-road obstacles, original car stickers and more. One of the best features of this car is that it allows you to draw your custom 3D track to race. Here, its custom 3D track builder helps you do that.

While drawing the track you can put lot of obstacles & traps to make your track more complex. It will help you win more trophies when you clear the race. In addition to existing features, more opportunities will be unlocked when you level up in the game. This powerful game is governed by an intergalactic character called Speed Hog who is insanely addicted to speed & power. Above you can try this free car racing game to wake up that racing freak in you.

Death Racing Fever

Try this 3D free car racing game to experience maximum speed & power. Here, when you start your race you get the tank full of fuel to attain the maximum power & speed on asphalt tracks. Further, you will encounter road mines and ground bombing that is targeted at you.

While playing the game you need to beat all these obstacles to win the race and become champion. Here, your enemies will attack you with armored cars, military trucks and automatic shields to defeat you. While playing this car racing game, you will get indestructible & fully upgradable weaponized car options. You can drive into these cars to win 10 power-packed racing missions. In other features, it offers vivid beautiful graphics and stunning background music.

Death Racing Rivals 3D

Next in the list of best 3D combat car racing games in 2018 is Death Racing Rivals 3D. This powerful game is based on realistic and thrilling multiple shooting missions. It offers an intense high-speed racing experience where you will encounter real damage and destruction.

It is beautifully designed with HD 3D graphics, powerful background music, and seamless game controls. While playing the game you can use brand new vehicles & guns while experiencing immersive physics gameplay driving into various environments. Further, you will experience heavy fire racing against your opponents. You can experience thrilling death road simulation while driving into your car with full of lethal weapons to beat your enemy.

Battle Car

The simple principle of Battle Car is to kill or be killed. It comes equipped with abundant futuristic weapons and battle-ready vehicles. During the game, you will encounter unlawful men who have been imprisoned in jail for vicious crimes.

This drift racing game will eliminate you if you can’t finish the line before anyone else. Here, you need to kill your enemies by shooting them or destroying them by hitting hard. This powerful game offers stunning HD graphics, powerful racing missions, fully weaponized racing cars, stunning background sounds, battle against road warrior and more.

Extreme Death Racer Armored Car

This is next best 3D car racing game that comes with bundle of amazing features. Here, you will experience battle of lifetime. It offers you thrilling combat car racing experience while giving you opportunity to win the game.

It comes loaded with customized vehicles, gunships, Gatling guns, weaponry and more.  This powerful game offers extreme car racing experience to you.


The list of best 3D combat car racing game is going to increase as more developers are coming up with some thrilling gaming options. Here, we have discussed some of these best options available to you. If you are missing your favorite game in the list, feel free to comment below.

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