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Top Brand Companies And Their Successful Marketing Strategy

Numerous brands in the world originate from the leading countries and serve customers. However, only a few reach global fame and sustain in that position. The main reason brands fail to hold their status is the lack of a proper marketing strategy.

Here you would learn about some top brands and their marketing strategies. If you are a novice business person, this article can inspire you a lot. You can also take the initiative to think about a few unique marketing strategies for your brand. Have a look at the sections below:

Apple: Initiated A Movement

In its initial days, Apple did not get an instant response. So there were many blockages that the brand broke and turned into an electronic giant. So the primary marketing strategy that Apple incorporated was a movement.

The electronic market was not accustomed to the movement, resulting in the brand turning into a cult. However, the movement in the market worked positively due to two reasons. Firstly, due to advanced technology and due to aesthetically enhanced products.

Due to these couple of factors, the tech nerds and the regular users became fans of Apple. Gradually, after creating a customer base, Apple started showcasing its vision and how its gadgets can support the future.

Today, Apple stands as one of the leading global tech giants. People of all ages, especially youngsters, are crazy about Apple gadgets. This brand has been expected to stand in the same position for years due to its originality and consistency. Moreover, Apple also has a proper demand management that enhances its quality all the time.

Coca Cola: Best Known For Brand Consistency

Coca-Cola has one marketing strategy that helped them sustain itself in the market for 130 years. Even today, it remains the favourite of many soft beverage lovers. Well, the key to Coca Cola’s phenomenal success is its logo.

The logo of Coca Cola has been the same since its inception. However, the shape of the bottle has changed a lot of times. Other marketing elements like the taglines of Coca Cola have been the same. Moreover, Coca Cola marketed as an esteemed brain tonic.

Moreover, the brand’s success in different countries became a reality as it could catch the nerves of specific ethnic groups. Furthermore, the same signature recipe of Coca Cola has made the brand outstanding for all these years.

According to the official site of Coca Cola, the main recipe always remains the same, but they blend the product according to the local taste. Naturally, this is a matter of concern for many people, but the brand always triumphs globally.

Starbucks: Best in Social Strategy

Starbucks is a coffee brand under Fortune 500. Now this company believes in the power of social media platforms. So, as per the primary marketing strategy of Starbucks, it is always keen to attract people on social media.

Most people who have turned into brand loyal customers of Starbucks are from the top social networking handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Moreover, the customers can know about the outlets from the social media itself.

One best thing about Starbucks as a brand is its responsiveness. Any person commenting on a Starbucks post can expect a reply sooner. For Twitter, this response is nearly instant. So, it is evident that a massive chunk of money from Starbucks goes to its social media marketing team.

Well, now you should consider the quality of Starbucks too. It is also a strong pillar of marketing on which the band’s success stands. There are several Starbucks outlets in different cities of the US, and most coffee-drinkers you find on the site are regular social media users.

Nike: Story Acts As A Marketing Strategy

Nike is a global footwear brand that creates a story for each product. This is Nike’s way to inform the customers about a product. Most reports regarding Nike footwear are available on its site and social media handles.

Nearly every customer of Nike footwear socially relates with the stories. As a result, they instantly turn brand loyal. As a fact, Nike is another Fortune 500 company that has a prominent profile on Instagram. There are different things Nike promotes on its Insta handle.

You can find posts about health, healthcare, fitness, and everything blended into a story. Now each level connects to a pair of running shoes.

Mainly the youngsters from different countries and backgrounds purchase Nike shoes due to their comfort and durability. Moreover, these shoes compliment other fashion statements due to their outlook.

Final Words

The top companies can always stand the best in the market as they spend a lot of money on marketing. Like, you would be amazed to know that marketing was done at National Book Company by Socorro Ramos. This can be the best example of unique marketing, and you should get it done for your business too.

Author Bio: Emily Bryant is a professional content writer. She completed her graduation in Psychology from the University of Montreal, Canada. She is very passionate about writing in many journals and magazines. She is the owner and co-founder of Dream Land Estate. She is also associated with many authority blog sites such as Finance Team, Emblem Wealth, Tour And Travel, Dream And Travel, Social Media Magazine, Follow The Fashion, and Online Health Media.

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