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Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools 2023, 2024

A wide range of Cross-Platform App Development tools is launched in the market. Each of them has the ultimate specialties, features, and limitations. Development tools are launched with a specific purpose & focus on different aspects of development.

It’s normal that developers choose the development platform with respect to the business needs & business goals. Here the topmost cross-platform mobile app development tools are discussed one-by-one that may help you in deciding that which one is appropriate to your requirements.


With the utilization of a single shared C# codebase, you can develop Android, iOS, and Windows apps with the most preferable Cross-platform development tool Xamarin. It allows code sharing on multiple platforms. Xamarin has the ability to test on any number of devices’ through cloud services. Xamarin is the first choice of IT giants for developing multi-platform apps. Microsoft, Foursquare, and IBM accept Xamarin as one of the best tools for cross-platform mobile app development.


Corona has become a popular cross-platform development tool for its’ high-speed development. Within a few minutes of download, you can start working on it. It supports all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows. Corona tool is specially made for the 2D graphics game and educational app. Initially, it is free to use but for calling native libraries/APIs, It charges $79 per month.

Unity 3D

The name itself suggests that the tool is made for developing high-graphics, 3D games on multiple platforms. It is possible to develop your code in C#, UnityScript, or Boo. Unity 3D supports Linux, web, PlayStation, Xbox platforms along with Android, iOS & Windows. If you are really looking to develop a fascinating graphics game, Unity 3D is the only option for you.


In all likelihood, PhoneGap is the most popular cross-platform development tool owned by Adobe. It is a free & open-source solution based on Apache Cordova. Cordova API gives the flexibility to build your applications using CSS3, HTML5 & Java languages. Software development kits (SDKs) are maintained by its’ own. So, you have to be concerned about nothing. In short, just write an app once and run it on all your devices. Know more about PhoneGap from its official website.


Kony is the tool for creating business apps from a single codebase. It gives enterprise mobility solutions. Testing is also supported with testing tools embedded in Kony. A short time ago, Kony launched mobile fabric platform that collaborates multiple cloud services & middleware tools. The trial is available for free while you need to purchase premiums to use mobile fabrics which start at $15.


With the purpose of saving time, Apache has created Appcelerator tool that saves the developers’ significant amount of time. It supports JavaScript as a core language for writing code with an alloy of MVC framework. Most of the time, it identifies with “Appcelerator Titanium” because using titanium’s SDK, native iOS, and android apps are created. Most successful and powerful cross-platform development tool available for absolutely free. Reusability of code makes it better and different from other tools.


If you want to develop your app in HTML5, Sencha is for you only. Sencha is the cross-platform development tool that allows you to develop your apps in HTML5 and easily convert it into iOS & Android. The main identity of Sencha tool is its products Ext JS & it’s all versions. The benefit of HTML5 language is, you can develop apps that can be run on browsers as well as on mobile devices. IT monsters Google, Samsung and CNN do prefer Sencha tool against PhoneGap and Appcelerator.


Cocos2d placed for Cocos two-dimensional, basically created for developing 2D apps and publish from a single code base to mobile, desktop, web, and console. The selection of this tool is not bad because it gives multiple options for languages in which your code can be written. It has many branches such as cocos2d-objc, cocos2d-x that uses C++ as a language, cocos2d-JS uses JavaScript, cocos2d-XNA uses C#, cocos2d-swift uses objective C, etc.


Easily learned, high-speed cross-platform tool that design with the aim of faster feedback from developers. Developers easily learn this tool within a few days(2-3 days) without much effort. ifactr uses Xamarin and PhoneGap to create iOS & Android apps. It has rich prototyping features that make employees training faster. Evaluate iFactr more from here

It is fact that the cross-platform mobile app development is not everyone’s cup of tea. To match each system, a professional must match the UI. Many challenges are reported which are subject to the Cross-Platform mobile app development. Just refer to the above platforms & compare them based on requirements, development cost, etc. Choose the best platform to build a superficial business app.


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About Author: Deepak is a marketer, developer, designer, storyteller, thinker, founder, CEO, at iMobDev Technologies – Top Web & cross platform Mobile App Development Company. Get the first-rate IT services for your start-up with down the earth cost.

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