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Top Email Marketing Trends for 2023, 2024

Around 3.8 billion people use email as a form of digital communication, so it is a good field to find and retain our customers and new businesses.

Do you want to have the power and succeed with your digital strategy? We invite you to know the trends in Email Marketing for 2023, 2024 and to start planning your actions taking into account what seems to be the backbone of success.

Make no mistake, every year the death of email marketing is predicted, and, nevertheless, each year it continues to present powerful figures of effectiveness.

In fact, one of the simplest predictions we can make for next year is that email marketing in 2023, 2024 will continue to be the king of online marketing.

Email marketing, as well as digital marketing, is a sector that year by year (and even more often) reinvents itself according to the demands of the market, the competitiveness of the industry, and the Progress that is constantly recorded.

Compared to other marketing techniques, an email will continue to present its two best characteristics as always:

  • More effectiveness in all the indicators.
  • Greater profitability than other marketing tactics.

Over time, email marketing has to refine and specialize if it wants to continue working.

With new challenges such as the General Data Protection Act already in force and the constant improvement of anti-spam filters, we must improve our game within email marketing.

Email marketing and social networks

  • 72% of respondents prefer to receive offers by mail, while 17% consider social networks more convenient.
  • Email campaigns usually have an opening rate of more than 16%, while a message on social networks reaches approximately between 2 and 6% of the audience

Email marketing and spam

  • The most used words in emails that are marked as spam are: “discounts”, “Make Money”, “clearance” “claim”, “collect”.
  • 36% of people who mark an email as spam explain that they have never made a subscription, and 32% do so because of content that is irrelevant to their interests.

Effectiveness and return on investment

  • 76% of subscribers have made a purchase from a received email
  • The 6% of subscribers that receive a tempting offer prefer to buy it in the physical store and 22% prefer to always buy online
  • 47% of conversions occur in smartphones, and 34% in PCs
  • Regarding the return on investment, for every $ 1 invested in email marketing, you get $ 38. This is an average of all the respondents since for example, 18% said that they get $ 76 for every $ 1

Metrics of openings and clicks

  • The day with the highest opening rate?: Saturday! Probably for being a day where fewer emails are received
  • The best time to send emails according to the study is 6 AM, people just get up.
  • The average opening rates are 21%
  • One of the industries that have greater effectiveness is tourism, with opening rates superior to 50%
  • On average, 2.4% of users click on an email
  • One in 3 clicks on a newsletter is produced from a smartphone

Content of the emails

  • More than 50% of people consider that humor is valid in business emails.
  • 66% of subscribers leave the lists when they receive content not relevant to their interests.
  • Personalized emails have 14% more openings, and 10% more conversions.
  • 70% of users immediately delete an email that is not displayed correctly on your smartphone.
  • Direct Subjects such as “[NAME OF COMPANY] Promotions & Marketing newsletter”, usually give excellent results.
  • Emails such as “Last minute offer, we have the answer”, are the ones that obtain the worst results.

Email Marketing trends 2020:

Segmentation and Automation

Throughout the years, email marketing has evolved in order to offer consumers what they need and what they want, adapting the marketing strategy to the consumer’s strategy.

There is the possibility to automatically segment our email marketing strategy and achieve greater engagement with our consumers.

If we do it well, this segmentation towards our target will have, according to the studies, an 18 times higher response. Taking into account that it is only about doing it right once and automating it, the business benefit is clear.

Consumers interact 6 times more with this type of email and in b2b the revenue goes up annually.

We bet strongly on this point of email marketing 2020 trends; do not let this advice pass.

More text and fewer graphics

The time to send HTML-based and programmed emails with complex graphics, drawings, and photographs is over. For a time this resource has been exploited by large companies.

Consumers relate this type of email marketing with spam marketing strategies. We do not want them to believe that our email is spam.

A trend in email marketing with a lot of sense is the return to plain text emails, they have a more personal aspect and consumers will identify this type of emails with a person in front of the keyboard writing an email, not with a bunch of crows eager to eat their food.

This point can report a click of 14% and a return of 10%, which is not bad considering that we can add it to the previous point.

With this, we will be able to personalize automation, a genius.

Email Validation

Improve your emailing campaigns by validating your email address to protect your recipients and reach their inboxes.

Ensuring the validation of emails you send in your email marketing campaigns is an essential factor for them to work. Are you sure that the emails you receive are real?

That the email reaches its recipients is the key. At first, it seems a pretty simple subject. You have a database of emails that you have been creating over time and use it to launch your newsletters. However, your opening rate may vary depending on the quality of your database. The cleaner, updated and organized you are, the higher your opening rate will be.

The email validation or E-mail Verification contains a process by which it is determined if a list of e-mail addresses are valid and capable of receiving and sending messages over the Internet.

It is a process to guarantee the authenticity of the emails. The verification is used especially for those emails in which the opening rate has been null for several months and also for those in which the username is suspicious. Normally, digital tools are used to:

  • Avoid bounces.
  • Clean your database.
  • Check if the information you have is correct.

Storytelling – Tell me a story

Now that we know that the best thing is plain text, the next step is to thoroughly work on the content, the text of the email.

The emails should have a good story behind them, content designed for our consumers, something that appeals to them and absorbs their reader’s attention.

The ROI index of this point is significant and any marketing expert knows that behind a good story we will have great business success.

Storytelling is going to be one of the email marketing 2020 trends.

Mobile Friendly

As in other fields of design and digital marketing, everything lies in personalization.

The mobile sector grows year after year and eats the ground to desktop computers.

The statistics show us that the first place where we see our email is mobile, so one of the trends in email marketing in 2020 is the optimization of this content for mobile devices.

Most mobile users have email synchronized with their mobile in order to access their email account.

53% of emails are opened via mobile and 23% are reopened later, and 73% of Gmail users access their emails by mobile.

Do not miss this opportunity to reach your customers and join this trend to apply it in your digital marketing strategy of 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Despite being still in the innovation phase, companies are using artificial intelligence from computers to help marketing managers create more effective business strategies.

With artificial intelligence, one can predict the consumer’s behavior, their customs, their affinity for certain contents, and the way in which they generally like to receive them.

In this way the capacity for engagement and commitment that it will have towards us is raised, this loyalty makes it more apt to be a real potential client for us.


Now that we have shown you this forecast it is your decision to incorporate it into your marketing strategy for 2023, 2024.

Be that as it may, be, the email marketing 2019 trends have the capacity of personalization of our mail and the way in which we are going to relate to the final consumers or in b2b mode.

In any case, the technology capacity will allow us to have closer communication with our customers and to be able to achieve a higher ROI index.

Getting customers to see us as people is our main goal; otherwise, they will continue to see us as sellers and not as someone who can help them by offering products or services for mutual benefit.

Make no mistake; email marketing will be more alive than ever in 2023, 2024. But only for those who have been concerned to know their client, to spend time on messages and offers, setting up campaigns based on their preferences and their actions.

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