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Top Online Artificial Intelligence Tools to Rewrite Text for Free

Want to repurpose your old text without getting accused of plagiarism? Well, you have certainly landed in the right place, as here in this guide, we will list some of the best rewriting solutions for you.

Manual rewriting content is always prone to errors and unintentional similarities with the original source, which is why even the most experienced writers find it daunting.

Rewriting is an important skill for a writer to master, as you may have to execute it in different situations. Whether you want to eliminate plagiarized content and complex sentences or reuse your old articles, you must be good at rephrasing.

If you are not confident in rewriting text, then it is best that you consider using AI rewriting tools. These tools can quickly create a new version of the existing text in different words while preserving the original meaning.

Hundreds of AI tools can help you rewrite text for free, but not all can get you 100% unique and natural results. This is why we have simply stated the best options here in this article.

Powered AI Rewriter Tools Capable of Generating Unique Text for Free!

This section only mentioned the most reliable and accurate rephrasing tools that can streamline your rewriting tasks.


Rephraser.co is one of the most powered AI rewriter tools that offers unmatched results for free. The tool offers the most generous free plan that a writer can request, and the premium version is also quite affordable, making it our top choice.

This AI Content rephraser uses natural language processing and machine learning modes to understand and rewrite existing text in different words and with a different perspective. The rephrased content generated by the tool is similar to that of a native writer and cannot be identified otherwise.

The free version of the tool provides you access to the “General”, “Anti-Plagiarism,” and “Fluency” modes, which would allow you to rewrite up to 250 words in one go without any other restrictions.

You can always get error-free, original, and extremely digestible outputs no matter what type of text you rephrase.


Quillbot is another powerful rewriting resource for writers of all ages and levels. If you are looking for a simple and free rewriting solution, this is probably one of the ideal options.

All you have to do is upload text in the input box and click the “Rephrase” button.

The tool would rewrite the existing text per the selected mode and present you with the new version in the output box.

This online rewriting tool allows you to rephrase up to 125 words in the free version, which is less than the previous rephraser but still has a decent limit.

The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to choose synonyms and alternative phrasing to customize the rephrased version per your style.

Besides the rephraser tool, Quillbot offers many other utilities for writers, including a grammar checker, summarizer, citation generator, AI writing assistant, and, most importantly, a plagiarism checker.

Open AI’s GPT3

ChatGPT3 is another free resource that can help you rewrite text quickly. This AI text-generative tool responds to the queries and prompts given by users.

The most common use of this tool is content creation, but you would be surprised to know that you can also use it as a content rewriter.

To use the tool for rewriting purposes, all you have to do is upload all the text you want to rephrase with quotation marks and specifically give the tool prompt for rewriting it in different words.

You can also take this approach; “Rewrite the following text in different words without changing the core messages” and paste the text afterward.

The tool would analyze your request, understand the input text, and rephrase it in a different wording.

ChatGPT3 is a free resource, so you don’t have to worry about paying a single dime. But to use this tool for writing or rewriting purposes, you must register an account, which is easy.

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is another popular and globally rated online rewriter tool. Note that this is not a web-based tool like the ones mentioned in this list.

To use this tool, you need to download and install it on your device. It can easily be installed on your PC.

This rewriting resource is used by thousands of seo professionals, marketers, and bloggers from all across the globe. It can easily rewrite small chunks of text and complete articles.

This tool also uses natural language processing and other advanced technologies to rewrite text, which is why its outputs are always free of human errors and sound natural. The tool can easily spin your text and enhance its quality within less than seconds.

Another feature we liked most on this rewriter tool is that it can rewrite text in English and allows you to spin your content into multiple languages without damaging the content or original message.

Rewrite Guru

Rewrite Guru is another free article rewriter tool that can help you rephrase your existing text in different words and a better style. The tool is very easy to use; even a new user can learn how to use it by following the demo given on the site.

The tool offers different rewriting modes and works in different languages, making it an ideal choice for content writers from all around the globe.

Surprisingly, The tool can rewrite up to 800 words in one go, which is a huge limit for a free tool.

But you must ensure you always check the output content generated by this tool, as it might have similarities with the source.

The tool is web-based, so you can use it on any device you want without worrying about compatibility issues. Overall, this is a very friendly option for users who want to spin or rewrite large chunks of text in a decent quality.


Content rewriting is a daunting task for a writer, even with tons of experience. This process can now be automated with the use of online rewriter tools.

Plenty of options are listed in the search results of different search engines, but most of them have a reputation for providing subpar results.

This is why we have discussed the five most popular and free rephraser tools that can help you make your content unique, more digestible, and free of human errors.

We hope that after reading this guide, you can choose the best tool that intrigues you the most and would easily be able to save a lot of your time and effort otherwise wasted in manual rewriting or editing of text!

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