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Top Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

How many articles are there on the internet that talks about ways to make money online? Hundreds? Thousands? Too many? Probably yes.

But there is a big problem: most of them do not want to help you. All they want is to sell you a course, a book, or anything else where they promise you that you will become a millionaire overnight.

We have never seen ANYONE follow one of those courses or books, and become rich by magic. That does not exist.

But what is true is that there are many ways to make money online without having to invest anything, or starting with just a few dollars.

And here we’ll share with you top realistic ways you do not know to start generating income from your home with only your computer and your Internet connection.

Fill out surveys

Fill out surveys are one of the most popular ways to make money online. Anyone can register in the different survey pages that exist, and give their opinion by answering simple questions.

The great advantage that the surveys have for you is that you can dedicate the time you want, in most cases it is very fun to answer the questions, and you can do it from anywhere: at home with your computer, or on the street With your cell phone.

Write on the internet

Did you know that there are various websites on the internet that are paying people only for writing articles from other pages?

What does that mean?

Who hire people who have no idea of the subject for which they write or who are not very creative (they lack ideas).

If you are good at a topic and have a good point of view to deal with a specific topic, on the internet, you can make money easily writing for the pages.

There are thousands of themes on the internet, so you probably know how to deal.

Earn money by creating photos for image banks

There are numerous image banks where you get paid every time someone downloads or uses your photo. This way of making money is not fast, since you could take time to sell your photos, but it is another way.

One of the most important image banks is Gettyimages. Of course you must know perfectly the pros and cons of doing this. In this blog, the author makes a perfect summary of his experience on how to sell your photos on GettyImages.

Setup an Online store

Setting up an online store can mean a stable source of income and even make us a fortune, as long as the store has a professional design that inspires confidence, we make a suitable promotion and, above all, we sell the right product in it. (ex. something niche like Rack85 Online Electronics Store, carrying products that tech consumers can enjoy)

To set up an online store we may need to have some knowledge in web design and make use of some of the programs that exist on the internet and that simplify the creation process (among which we can highlight Shopify and PrestaShop).

Even though you have no knowledge in web design, we can resort to the services of a professional web designer.

Some of the products that tend to have a good reception for an online store are clothing (for example, T-shirts), crafts, jewelry, eBooks, and any product that is unique and new, and that is difficult to find in physical markets.

Create a blog

Creating a blog can help us earn a lot of money, but generally in the long term, and as long as we dedicate ourselves fully to it, we constantly update it, and we get good visitor traffic.

To create a blog we can use some of the platforms for free blogs that exist (being the best known WordPress and Blogger), which help us to design and manage our blog in a simple way without having much knowledge in web design.

While achieving that our blog generates income, we can choose to sell our own products (for example, ebooks), third-party products (for example, products that we obtain through an affiliate program), rent an advertising space or use advertising programs (best known as, the Adsense program).

You know another language? Make money translating!

Knowing another language such as English, French, Italian, or German can give you a large income without having to leave your home.

Translations are a market that is growing more and more, and around the world, there are thousands of companies and individuals that need others to provide these services.

In this sector there are many different jobs you can do if you know another language: from translating simple texts such as documents or small articles, to books or web pages and entire blogs.

The best thing about this way of earning money is that you can dedicate the hours you want: you can do simple jobs in your free time, or devote full time to translate from home.

Sell affiliate products

If you want to generate income online, but you do not have any product or service to sell, affiliate marketing is a good option for you.

Here’s what is involved is to promote articles created by others (books, courses, or physical objects) and, for each product that you sell; you will take a commission of the total price.

Normally you must register as an affiliate on the seller’s website, copy the link provided, and promote it in different media such as your blog, Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums, etc.

Some companies that offer good affiliate programs are Amazon or Clickbank.

Upload videos to YouTube

YouTube has great potential to make money doing what you really like if you are not ashamed to get in front of a camera and share your opinions with everyone.

On this platform you can make money in three different ways. One of them is through the ads that will appear at the beginning of each of your videos.

Each time one of your followers sees those ads or clicks on them, you will receive a portion of the profits generated with that advertising. For this, you must link your YouTube account to your Google Adsense account.

Another way is with the affiliate marketing that we told you about in the previous point. You can create videos in which you talk about different products, and place your affiliate links in the description box so that your subscribers can buy them.

The third option is to contact companies (or that they contact you) that are related to the theme of your channel to see if they would like to promote your brand on your channel.

In this method the company usually send a couple of their products for you to try and make videos talking about them to your followers, and as a reward (in addition to the items sent) they will pay you an amount of money to promote them.

Share files

There are different sites on the Internet where you can upload files to share with other people and, every time someone clicks on them and downloads them, you will be paid a small commission for it.

It will not be much money (a few cents per click), but it is a good way to get extra money every month without doing anything and totally free.

Do you like Facebook? Become a social media manager

Social networks are increasingly important for large companies, small businesses, or people with a blog because they are valuable tools to promote and attract new customers or readers.

And that’s why many of these companies or bloggers need people who know how to manage them to help them publish different contents that attract traffic to their websites.

So if you know how to manage Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as an expert, this could be a good way to start earning money from your home by becoming a community manager.

Apps Development

The vast majority of people today have a Smartphone. This trend has been and is very useful for those people who have programming knowledge.

It is one of the professions that have the future. The largest application stores are Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Write e-books

Thanks to the Internet, the barriers that existed to write and publish a book of their own have been eliminated. You can do it in the form of an e-book and start earning online. It is ideal for those people who like to write.

If there is another way to make quick money that is realistic, you can leave it in a comment.

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