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Top Tech Options for Small Businesses

Running a small business is more than just delivering your products and services while keeping your customers happy. You have to make decisions that affect every department, ensure employees get their jobs done efficiently, control expenses, and keep everything running smoothly. Every business owner faces the same challenges, regardless if you run a retail shop, law office, or a tech startup.

The great thing is there are technology options available to get you up and running and keep you operating effortlessly, such as business telephone services.

VoIP Phone Service

Gone are the days when every employee had a phone plugged into a phone outlet at their desks. New software for voice over internet protocols (VoIP) calls allows your staff to talk to anyone using your internet connection. By taking advantage of VoIP for small business, you can reduce your overhead by including the cost of your phone service in with your internet plan, rather than having a second bill each month.

VoIP isn’t limited to just phone calls. It can include video conferencing, fax capabilities, instant messaging services, and even transcription of voice mail to email.

Social Media

Social media platforms help businesses connect with customers. Posts can be used to announce new product lines, current or upcoming sales and promotions, or even fun content that simply keep engagement levels up.

Businesses should target audiences across multiple platforms and use various content types, such as photos, tweets, and articles with links to their website. While it can seem like social media isn’t worth the effort, there are significant benefits to small businesses. It can take a few hours to update your accounts each week, but posting consistently on a manageable schedule and building your brand will help you better reach your customers and build your internet presence.

Cloud Computing

Most businesses, large and small, use some aspect of cloud computing today. Data storage, software online access, and online data backups across websites are some ways small business owners can save money and benefit from harnessing the power of the cloud by outsourcing IT tasks to large service providers.

Using cloud-based systems and software provides greater mobility to the staff since their files and data is always accessible, regardless of where they are located. If a salesperson has to travel to a client, they simply log into their computer and access their online files to present marketing and proposal data. Once the sale is complete, they can send contracts and update files online, too!

Cloud services provide cost savings options because businesses only need to purchase the storage resources required at any given time. They do not have to purchase a lot of unneeded space just in case it may be in demand in the future. Additionally, it removes the expense associated with maintaining physical servers, including the cost of IT staff, office or data center space, and maintenance plans to maintain the hardware.

CRM Software

The lifeblood of any business is its clients. To help keep track of every current and potential customer, it is essential to maintain detailed information in customer relationship management (CRM) software. This software can be anything from a basic address book all the way up to a high-tech business intelligence system that tracks sales, leads, conversions, satisfaction surveys, and even customers’ online social profiles.

Small businesses that successfully implement CRM software see many benefits, including experiencing a significant return on investment, because they are able to design marketing targeted to specific clients and make informed sales decisions based on real data.

There are many great technology options available that will help your small business grow. Implement them now and start seeing the benefits right away!

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