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Top Ways Tech Can Be Used to Better Your Relationship with Customers

The customer is always right is an old adage that is often repeated by disgruntled customer service workers, but the truth is it is far more important for corporate and for the managers than for those on the ground.

The customer, for example, is not right if they treat your employees horribly. That is not what the saying originally meant. Instead, it refers to customers on a grander scale. If your customers prefer to shop online, then you are in the wrong if you do not set up a great e-commerce platform. You need to understand your customers and build a relationship with them so that you can offer better, more competitive services, and to do that you will need to use this tech:

The Power of Social Media

Social media is a powerhouse of communication, and can be vital for small businesses to gain ground, gain a voice, and of course succeed. You can showcase your business, advertise new products and sales, and of course build up a relationship with every one of your followers.

Done successfully, and you can become a viral sensation, but first you need to know how to use it:

Direct Messages

Customers will message you directly with questions, comments, and even suggestions on how you can improve. Stay on top of them and most importantly keep track of the information. You cannot yet search through messages, so you should create a new profile on your own databases so that you can provide better services to your followers in the future.


Comments are public, which means how you respond to them is also a form of advertising. Questions, concerns, and even complaints here should be addressed directly and quickly to provide great service and better your relationship with customers.

User-Generated Content

Users might share their own posts, and resharing this content can be a great advertising tactic that bolsters your relationship simultaneously.

The Power of Text

Users can also communicate with you via text. Done right, this should be an easy way for your company to provide key customer service without the long hold periods that come with phone calls. From actual texting based services, to chat boxes on your website, to even email customer service, there are plenty of ways your customers will want to communicate with you via text.

The Power of Video

When you want to see the person behind the data, there is no better way forward than using video. Having real narratives and qualitative data done through video can help give everyone in your company a better understanding of your customers’ needs, wants, and desires. This, in turn, can help you design better products and produce better marketing campaigns. You don’t even need to divert resources away from your company, and can instead visit voxpopme.com to get started on your video research today.

The Power of Review Systems

Finally, have review systems in place and do not be afraid of the negative reviews. Instead, respond to them publically so that users can see you care about your integrity and that their voice will be heard and responded to. If one person’s package was lost in the mail that is one thing, but if you responded poorly or not at all to that complaint, then you will have lost potential customers.

Understand your customers, and you can create products they will love, advertise using language they will appeal to, and more importantly, you will be able to serve them as they wish to be served.

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