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Ultimate Guide for Effective Business Communications

Good business communication is the foundation stone for every successful business since organizations are built on people and communication. To manage and lead your projects to success, effective communication is a key point.

Modern digital era gave us paths to new communication tools and channels and in that way, it reduced the time needed to send and receive messages and information. Business communication needs to flow successfully, so that productivity can be increased and creativity expressed.

This short guide will cover the range of basic communication skills that are needed for a successful business along with different communication techniques and tips that can be applied over various businesses.

Definition & the Types of Business Communication

Business communication is related to sharing information, both internally and externally within a company or organization. When talking about business exchange, it can be stated that it includes: face-to-face interactions, digital channels in forms of emails and instant messages, written communication like memos and also business communication apps.

There are 4 types of business communication:

  1. Upward communication: when an employee asks for information from managers or reports to them
  2. Downward communication: Information flowing down the chain of command
  3. Lateral: Information shared between those on the same level within the company
  4. External: communication between the company and the outside world

The Importance of Communication Skills in Business

When people feel heard and understood, communication is flowing and there is inspiration, motivation and action that abound. The existence of a conflict is also supported as a good thing since its resolution leads to greater understanding on all sides and can very often be a catalyst for business growth.

Basic Rules of Effective Communication

Many companies struggle with communication challenges, but there are different solutions that help overcome the problems.

There are some basic communication skills and rules that can help improve interpersonal communication.

Sort the information– recognizing the type of information that circulates around the company is a skill that helps with sharing the right information with the right audience.

Size of your business matters- adapting the type of communication according to the size of your business will help find the best suitable styles and channels for your work environment.

Work on improving internal communication– Corporate newspapers, newsletters, emails, and intranet are tools that companies use nowadays to enhance internal communication. Another addition are corporate social networks that allow real-time communication between employees.

Encourage creativity & experimentationEmployee empowerment is one of the critical points for every business, but many of them still lack that trait. When the workforce does not have the needed information, it lacks motivation, the performance is low and people are overall unhappy. Promote sharing ideas and remove fear of asking questions.

Using Downward vs. Upward communication structure – using traditional downward communication structure can put the responsibility only on supervisors to disperse the information. Frontline employees could miss certain parts of it, or even be misinformed. The purpose of the communication should be for employees to be able to give feedback or suggestions to their superiors.

Use of Specialized Software

Companies are nowadays looking for solutions to streamline their business communication.

There are a lot of different ways to do it. The suggested solutions are:

  • Adopt a mobile business communication app- for industries with large mobile workforces, finding a highly-scalable way to connect the whole company in the fastest possible way across departments and locations, the best solution is to adopt a mobile business app.

Compromising the data security will be avoided and the digital workplace will be brought directly to the frontline workers to enhance their communication.

There are many intranet tools to choose from, one of them being widely used and known, called Staffbase, but there are a lot of other competitors of Staffbase out there that can utilize the best ways for internal business communication.

*Collaborative platforms– represent different solutions for communication with collaborative tools in order to streamline teamwork.

Provide Communication Training

Providing training and education in terms of business communication are essential for increasing productivity. Employees can benefit from communication training by having better collaboration and more meaningful customer interactions in their day-to-day communication. Leaders and managers can unite everyone under a common purpose and vision.

Business communication is a process that can change with the improvement and upgrades of technology. What the future of business communication holds, is yet to be seen.

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