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Understanding The Tech Behind Hiring Remote Developers Revolution

A growing number of mobile app developers all over the globe are hired for remote development projects. While many of them complete work on their own, there are plenty who need to work in collaboration with the in-house developer teams. Companies prefer to hire remote developers for cost benefits, exposure to talented developers across skills, scalability, and other advantages.

Some technologies and tools play a crucial role in the increasing popularity of remote developers. Here 8n this blog, we will explain these technologies besides these remote-friendly technologies. But let us briefly examine the key advantages of hiring remote developers.

Wider exposure to developer talents

Exposure to developer talents across diverse skills is another primary motivation for businesses to hire remote app developers. The need for qualified and experienced developer talents for many programming languages and development skills makes them reach out to developers from others parts of the globe.

Access to acclaimed development teams

There are also businesses who opt for remote teams because of their ambition to make their apps developed by globally leading development companies. Of course, hiring developer teams of Uber or Airbnb may not happen with an in-house hiring focus.

Ensuring global quality standard

Hiring remote development teams from emerging IT locations allows a business to adhere to the latest development standards easily and follow the technology trends. Maintaining international-grade quality standards is a crucial advantage of hiring remote developers.

Remote team management became easier

Finally, remote development remains no longer a source of concerns and troubles as there are robust and pretty extensive tools for project management, ensuring no drop in development quality because of remote development. The emergence of real-time collaboration and communication tools and cloud support have made remote project management much more accessible than ever before.

Distinct cost advantage

Several enterprises all over the West prefer to head for Southeast Asian or East European countries for lower hourly rates. While offering great cost advantages, these countries have a high level of the qualified and experienced talent pool.

Most important technologies for remote developer management

Recently, we have experienced an overwhelming proliferation of technologies ensuring far easier remote collaboration, communication and seamless project management. Where remote development stands today cannot be considered without these technologies’ impact. Let’s explain them briefly here below.

Video conference tools

There can be hardly any doubt that conferencing over the phone has already become a thing of the past, and meeting remote developers these days is mainly done face to face by using video conferencing tools.

No wonder these tools made communication and remote project collaboration much more accessible, with each team member having the same experience and exposure to the nitty-gritty of development projects in real-time.

Remote-friendly enterprise apps

Just when you have embraced cloud computing, you can build remote-friendly enterprise apps to put together many tools that developers often need for remote collaboration and easier project management.

This ultimately creates a level-playing field for remote and in-house development teams. Now, given the kind of intricacies involved, putting together remote-friendly tools require meticulous planning and execution.

Cloud platforms

Your business has already stepped into cloud computing, and your employees are already using cloud-based tools in a seamlessly collaborative environment. If you haven’t done so, you will likely race behind the competition, not ahead of it. The most significant advantage of Cloud platforms is increased security and more accessible access management in a virtual environment involving remote teams.

Let’s quickly look at the benefits cloud platforms offer for small projects.

  • Cost efficiency: Without putting massive money into IT infrastructure and devices, you can just pay a subscription cost, and with the pay-as-you-go model, you only pay for the capacity you use.
  • Extensible: As the needs arise, you can always add services as per project demands or can decrease them.
  • Ease of access: Remote developers enjoy easy access thanks to the cloud platforms and can work in a collaborative environment.

Skill development tools

Remote developers working from different locations heavily depend on remote help to extend their skills in challenging projects. This is where the real-time training and skill development tools ensure faster collaboration plays a key role.

For example, enterprise-grade remote code optimisation tools make it extremely more accessible for developers to uplift their present skills and quickly adhere to the latest best practices. This also allows the in-house developers to enhance their skills and learn new workarounds by collaborating closely with remote mobile app developers.

One critical benefit that the remote collaboration and skill development approach ensures is a cross-cultural approach to finding new solutions. Real-time coding collaboration and automation testing tools play a significant role.

Robust project management solutions

Since developers need to work from various parts of the globe in a remote environment, managing the project without the impact of time-zone differences remains a significant challenge. This is where the latest project management tools supporting real-time communication and collaboration play an important role.

Over the years, the project management tools for remote development teams have evolved, and now we have highly equipped tools specific to the use cases and app niches. There are also tools that allow developers to do everything from chat collaboration to file sharing to code testing.

Closing Thoughts

All the technologies we have mentioned here as remote-friendly are far from the end. They are continuously evolving and getting more equipped and better with time. In the years to come, more tech trends and tech-driven approaches will make remote project handling easier.

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